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Zondervan NIV Study Bible (2010)

Zondervan NIV Study Bible (2010)

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0310876656 (ISBN13: 9780310876656)

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I don't know that one has much choice but to rate this book highly. Even if you are not a religious person, it is one of the most diverse, thought-provoking and influential books of all time. As a professing Christian it has even more significance to me . . . This is my third or fourth time reading through a Bible cover to cover and my first time through the NIV since college classes. It took me a couple of years to complete this reading cover to cover.I like the clean, straightforward translation of the NIV, but I confess that I avoided reading most of the footnotes. I found that some of the commentary went further than exegesis and wandered over into broad interpretation (e.g. the footnote on Romans 13:4 says "Here we find the Biblical principle of using force for the maintenance of good order." Really? What about turn the other cheek? Or do not resist one who does evil? How do those concepts fit?)What I was struck by the most this time around was the radical nature of the message of Jesus. After having lived through the Law and the Prophets of the Old Testament, to have Jesus come along and turn the social structures of the time on their head with his message of radical love and inclusion must have been startling to say the least. And frankly, if we take his words seriously, it is still a shocking message today. We would do well to remember the "scandal" that is the Christ. I have been raised with the coriculum in this book in my schooling and playI went to a Christian Church as a child then was Christian homeschool and during this whole time I went to church were this book was preached.In it I find a lot of guildlines on how to live a respectful lifeFor anyone seeking direction in their life and need examples to show them this is a great book.I make up a lot of songs out of the Songs of Solumons and enjoy many of the parablesAngela Langr

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This was my 2nd NIV Study Bible. An excellent resource in a handy size.

A MUST READ for everyone on a continous basis

Studying the book of John right now!

A resonable Translation

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