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Teresa Medeiros

Teresa Medeiros
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Books by Teresa Medeiros


The Devil Wears Plaid (2010)

I am a big fan of Teresa Medeiros. I have enjoyed her books for quite some time. This book is not my favorite of hers, but she is such a talented writer that this book is better than many other books by other writers.Emma is about to marry a very elderly earl to save her family from the wor...

The Devil Wears Plaid (2010) by Teresa Medeiros

Pour un tweet avec toi (2012)

I picked this book up at my local Dollar General after a few weeks of contemplating actually getting it. I am what you call a book hoarder, because I own more books than I have read, but while I am solving that issue by giving away the ones I have read, I still have quite a few to get rid of. Kno...

Pour un tweet avec toi (2012) by Teresa Medeiros

Goodnight Tweetheart (2010)

This a very short read. About 210 pages for the Ebook version. I bought it loving the blurb on the back - "A love story in 140 characters or less". Not only was this different but in this technological age, seemed quite realistic than any other love story I could read. The protagonist Abby's char...

Goodnight Tweetheart (2010) by Teresa Medeiros

Some Like It Wild (2009)

Jolie découverte de l’auteur, de son style, son univers.J’ai beaucoup aimé le ton, l’atmosphère, les dialogues… notamment entre les personnages principaux (Connor et Pamela). J’ai adoré leurs échanges verbaux. C’est un livre qui tient grâce à ces deux personnages. Les personnages secondaires eux ...

Some Like It Wild (2009) by Teresa Medeiros

Le diable s'habille en tartan (2012)

ด้วยพล็อตเรื่องที่คล้ายกันเล็กน้อย เราเลยช่วยไม่ได้ที่เอาเล่มนี้ไปเทียบกับเรื่อง Heather and Velvet ซึ่งเมื่อคิดว่าเราชอบเรื่อง HAV มากแค่ไหน เล่มนี้จึงเหมือนซวยน่ะค่ะพล็อตเรื่องตามสูตร นางเอกถูกพระเอกลักพาตัวไปจากพิธีแต่งงาน เพราะเผ่าของพระเอก และคู่หมั้นของเธอเป็นศัตรูกัน ครอบครัวนางเอกซึ่งเป็น...

Le diable s'habille en tartan (2012) by Teresa Medeiros

Como Conquistar al Diablo (2012)

This was a lovely book. I enjoyed the interaction between the h&h very much and loved how their story ended. Everyone got what they deserved and then some! Hilarious what happens to the old Laird! I thought the chemistry between the h&h was amazing and I loved their journey as a couple and within...

Como Conquistar al Diablo (2012) by Teresa Medeiros

The Pleasure of Your Kiss (2011)

I was surprisingly bored by this novel about a well-to-do woman captured on the way to meet her fiancé, a mucky-muck in the East India Company. She is sold into a harem in Morocco, or rescued by the harem's owner, an English-educated man, depending on you point of view.Said fiancé is a lord, and ...

The Pleasure of Your Kiss (2011) by Teresa Medeiros

El placer de un beso (2011)

Teresa Medeiros me fez dar muitas risadas com os protagonistas desse livro. Eles se conheciam desde crianças e viviam sempre brigando. Mas quando ela tinha 19 anos, eles descobriram que se amavam. Mas Ash achava que tinha que oferecer algo melhor para ela e partiu em busca de fortuna. Dez anos de...

El placer de un beso (2011) by Teresa Medeiros

Unwiderstehliche Küsse: Roman (2011)

This one was tough to rate, because there were parts of it I liked a whole lot, and parts I didn't like so much. I liked the story overall, and the parts I liked were some of my favorite things in any story. .. Anyway, it's a desert/harem captive/rescue story, with a history between the hero an...

Unwiderstehliche Küsse: Roman (2011) by Teresa Medeiros

Anhelo salvaje (2012)

A fluffy, fun romance! This is one of the nastiest (and therefore funniest) romance books I've ever read. I loved it.

Anhelo salvaje (2012) by Teresa Medeiros

Bazıları Hırçın Sever (2000)

4,5 Bazıları Hırçın Sever // Teresa Medeirosİki kitaplık bir serinin ikinci ve son kitabı olan Bazıları Hırçın Sever , ilk kitabı Bazıları Ateşli Sever'den daha iyiydi.İlk kitabını da çok beğenmiştim ama bunun bambaşka bir tadı vardı. Kitabı okurken kesinlikle çok keyif aldım. Keyif almamın yanı ...

Bazıları Hırçın Sever (2000) by Teresa Medeiros

Certaines l'aiment fort (2014)

Bazıları Hırçın Sever Teresa Medeirosİki serilik Kincaid Highland Seisinin ikinci kitabı idi Kincaid Highland Serisi:1. Some like It Wicked (2008) Bazıları Ateşli Sever2. Some like It Wild (2009) Bazıları Hırçın Severİlk romanda kız kardeş Cationa Kincaid'in macerasını okumuştuk ikinci romanda ...

Certaines l'aiment fort (2014) by Teresa Medeiros

La tentación de una caricia (2014)

This book gave me exactly what I seek when I read a Historical Romance / Bodice Wripper. There were gothic elements as well as suspense. What made this book a 5 star was that the suspense wasn't just surrounding the romance, but also surrounding the mystery of how the ghost died, Anne's life be...

La tentación de una caricia (2014) by Teresa Medeiros

The Temptation of Your Touch (2013)

I love Teresa Medeiros books. Her characters are always fun and I love the witty dialogue. I was disappointed when I figured out who the heroine really was in the first chapter in which she was introduced, so the "mystery" was kind of ruined. It's a storyline that Ms. Medeiros has used a coupl...

The Temptation of Your Touch (2013) by Teresa Medeiros

After Midnight (2005)

Three and a half starsThis was my first Teresa Medeiros novel, but it wont be my last. I picked After Midnight out randomly at the library having heard of the author and while waiting for my dozens of orders to come in. I thought the premise sounded interesting and hoped for a good read, despite ...

After Midnight (2005) by Teresa Medeiros

A Whisper of Roses (2007)

You may break, you may shatter the vase, if you will, But the scent of the roses will hang round it still. — Sir Thomas MooreWhy oh why, akhir2 ini nemu novel yg bisa jd favorit numero uno….. fufufuGw dah yakin bakalan suka banget ama ni novel waktu baca prologue nya….Sabrina Cameron, 6taon yg...

A Whisper of Roses (2007) by Teresa Medeiros

Thief of Hearts (1994)

Lucy Snow is a woman who hides her passions below an icy exterior in order to win her Admiral father's love. The more she tries the less she succeeds as the Admiral is on a power trip to avenge his wife's infidelity on their innocent daughter. Lucy's life is thrown into turmoil when she's abducte...

Thief of Hearts (1994) by Teresa Medeiros

Shadows and Lace (1996)

I had read many great reviews about Shadows and Lace, so I was very excited when I started reading the book. I've read some other Medeiros books, and loved them, and for the most part I liked this one too. The main characters in this novel are Gareth, and Rowena. Much of Gareth's actions are guid...

Shadows and Lace (1996) by Teresa Medeiros

Fairest of Them All (2011)

I have read many books by Teresa Medeiros before, but never have I read a book that was as full of dark passions and trickery as this book! “Fairest of Them All” is a romance novel by Teresa Medeiros which details how a young woman’s desire to get out of marrying any guy gets out of hand when sh...

Fairest of Them All (2011) by Teresa Medeiros

Yours Until Dawn (2004)

4.5 starsThis month’s TBR challenge is Romance Classics, a classic book, classic author, classic trope/theme etc. That’s rather an embarrassment of riches! The classics of HR that sprang immediately to mind were ones I’ve already read; Lord of Scoundrels, Flowers from the Storm, Whitney My Love a...

Yours Until Dawn (2004) by Teresa Medeiros

Charming the Prince (1999)

4.5 stars. So, I just bought this book from online shop which usually sell many used books. The price is cheap. Just 50000 rupiahs or maybe 4,99 dollars. I decide to read Charming the Prince, first because I really love the blurb, its rare to find character letter for a synopsis. And I'm kinda st...

Charming the Prince (1999) by Teresa Medeiros

The Vampire Who Loved Me (2006)

i luv this book....kasih 4,5 bintang...beware SPOILER abissss !!!!suka sama heroine nya yg berani dan gak cengeng...walau besar di keluarga pembasmi vampire tapi dia gak takut mencintai seorang vampire.bermula 5 tahun yang lalu...portia yang waktu itu masih berumur 17 tahun sangat mengagumi julia...

The Vampire Who Loved Me (2006) by Teresa Medeiros

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