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A Body To Die For (2005)

A Body to Die For (2005)
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A Body To Die For (2005)
A Body To Die For (2005)

About book: kate white's fluffy but oddly thrilling bailey weggins mysteries are my new favorite books to read. they are the perfect weight to hold in one hand while walking around a screaming infant and singing "The Alphabet Dirge". i wish i were joking about that last bit.these books are easily digestible, well-paced, and fun. they require minimal effort to read and the picture falls into place in a way that is predictable, yet biggest problems with the series are:1. bailey is sort of a slut. look, i was single once upon a time ago, and i get that people aren't always monogamous. but this girl will literally have sex with one guy and then start fantasizing about another the minute the first is out of sight. i enjoy a good romance-side-plot in my mysteries, but it's a bit much.2. the killers are also fairly predictable - the reason it works is because the motives are not always apparently clear. you will probably never be "shocked" by the end of the book (instead, more likely, you'll have "a feeling" about some characters in particular and then realize you're right about 25-75 pages before bailey does).3. bailey knows EVERYBODY. she always has a friend who can tell her something useful to the plot but in a generic way (it reminds me of stanley kowalski in "streetcar" who always knows someone - a banker, accountant, lawyer, etc.)4. there's no fucking way bailey would not know what a "happy ending massage" is. i'm sorry, there just isn't. she works for a glam mag in new york. it would not take a gay septuagenarian to point out that sometimes, just sometimes, massage therapists give a little additional release. and there's no way someone who has had as much sex as she purports to have had would need to call a detective/policeman to find out what "full service" means. 3.5 stars for another jolly good time.

I just recently discovered this series of 'Bailey Weggins' mysteries, this book being number two. I absolutely LOVED this series. It is a light mystery read and this suited me just fine as I grew a little tired of some of the over the top, extremely graphic murder mysteries I had been reading. One critic describes this series as "Nancy Drew meets Sex and The City" and I fully agree. This series has a refreshing, contemporary feel with a murder mystery thrown in. I enjoyed Bailey's sharp, sarcastic wit, not often seen with most protagonists. I also appreciated the way the bit of 'romance' in the series was written. Rather than that soppy, ridiculous--we just met on page 10 and on page 50, you profess your undying love---this series deals with romance in a far more mature and realistic way. Hence, the Sex and The City comparison. Growing up, I devoured the Nancy Drew series, and maybe that is another reason I am so crazy for this series.It was like going home again, a blast from the past, a huge part of my mid-childhood. I just finished the last book in this series--Lethally Blonde--and I feel as if I have just finished a GREAT meal, and now been told there is no dessert. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is in the mood for a lighter mystery, and anyone who grew up reading and loving Nancy Drew, a little cheesy dialogue and all.(less) comment · see review
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I was going to the beach and needed something to read so I didn't have to take my tablet on the beach (sand in thy enemy when it comes to electronics). I actually started on this book, not realizing it was a series, and fell in love! I finished this book on the car ride home, which is huge for me because I hate reading in the car. I have since then read almost all of the Baliey Weggins series and plan on reading all the other books she has come out with! I haven't found a solid series that I could not put down since I finished The Hunger Games! So glad I stumbled on this series!
Ayu Wirdha
Bailey seorang reporter kriminal majalah Gloss berencana berakhir pekan di Cedar Inn, penginapan plus spa milik Danniel (biasa dipanggil Danny) sekaligus membuat ulasan untuk mempromosikan tempat tersebut. Niat hati untuk liburan malah Bailey menemukan mayat seorang terapis pijat bernama Anna pada saat sedang mencari jam tangannya yang ketinggalan.90% cerita berkutat upaya Bailey yang memecahkan kasus tersebut. Lumayan bagus cara penceritaan Kate White menggambarkan penyelidikan Bayley dengan segala keterbatasan krn sama sekali bekerja sendiri, tidak dibantu oleh aparat kepolisian. Rasa takut Bailey karena merasa semua orang di penginapan tersebut menyimpan rahasia even Danny sendiri. Yang bikin gregetan sih, kenapa sih udah tau ada pembunuhan berkeliaran tapi tetep aja berani jalan sendiri di lorong/tempat gelap hehehe.Yang bikin saya ga suka karena romance-nya dikit banget…itupun ending untuk romance-nya mengecewakan antara memilih Jack atau Beck. Jack ini mantannya yg sudah selingkuh & tdk kontak dgn Bailey selama berbulan2 sedangkan Beck adalah kepala detektif yang menyelidiki pembunuhan tersebut.Ohya, ini adalah buku kedua dari serial Bailey. Karena saya langsung baca buku kedua, jadi agak2 bingung dengan kejadian2 buku 1 yang beberapa disebut…tapi ga terlalu mengganggu kok masih bisa diikutin.
The reading kick that I was on back in March and April died after the last book I read. I had to force myself to get through this one. I really liked the first book by this author 'If Looks Could Kill', but was disappointed with this one. I realized that I don't like mystery novels that take place other than where the main character is used to. Bailey lives in NYC and that's where this first book took place, but this one was at a spa elsewhere so there was always random people popping up that aren't going to have any importance in any other books, so you can't really get the feel for the characters. I don't know if anything I just wrote made any sense. Bailey goes to a spa that her friend owns for a little weekend getaway and of course stumbles upon a dead body, because who hasn't had that problem. So she makes it her business to find out what happened, all because she is friends with the owner. So she does. Turns out that the good guy ends up being the bad guy. How reassuring. Now we can't even trust the good guys. Skip this one and go to the next book 'Til Death Do Us Part' which I'm half done with. Handy little note, don't read to mysteries about the same character at one time, I got easily confused about which mystery it was that Bailey was trying to solve.
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