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A Faerie Fated Forever (2009)

A Faerie Fated Forever (2009)

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About book A Faerie Fated Forever (2009)

This book was recommended with a possessive hero. I think he sure did act accordingly, I am disappointed that he was so determined to find his mate that he ignored his relationship with the heroine in the beginning of the book. I cannot help to feel that should the heroine is not beautiful, he will not want to be with her and make me felt that he is a "shallow" person who cares more or appearance than personality..... (yes I know the heroine is supposed to be his true mate and they should and will eventually be together no matter what). May be it is also the writing style is not my cup of tea too, I kind of loss interest in the middle of the book. This should be a storyline I like (the development of a beautiful friendship and companionship in the beginning of the book which can be the base of their romantic relationship), a heroine doesn't look great on appearance (only in the beginning of the book but she "transformed" later) and a hero who is possessive of the heroine. Unfortunately the whole story didn't seem to meet my expectation. A Faerie Fated Forever is a historical romance with paranormal elements. (I want to state that first since the cover implies that there is more faerie involvement then there actually is) I really enjoyed the characters for the most part and wanted to see where their story was going. I say for the most part because Nial in the beginning of the book agitates me. He keeps saying that he is waiting specifically for his ‘faerie fated love’ but he is blind to the signs that he might actually have found it. He is mainly blind because he is shallow and he does eventually realize the error of his ways. But I was eagerly waiting for him to get his comeuppance. I was thoroughly enjoying the story as well until it neared the end. That’s when things started getting annoying. ***Spoiler Alert*** It started right about the time they left England to return to the Isle of Skye. The story just seemed to get drug out more and more. By the end my ‘what’s gonna happen next’ interest had turned to ‘will they finally get on with it’. I understand there was something that had to come up so that Nial could use his Faerie Flag. It was foreshadowed at the beginning of the book when he goes into detail about the two previous times the flag had been used. But honestly if the last part of the book hadn’t been there and it had just ended with Nial and Heather reuniting in England and living happily ever after from there the story would have been fine. Maybe if it had just gotten to the whole grand finale quicker? It just seemed sooo drug out from the point where they decide to return to Skye until the actual ending of the book. Also there were things that happened at the end that just seemed to be ignored. Nial losses face in front of the whole clan, but then suddenly everything is all right again, it’s never brought up except for how Heather sees him in regards to his actions. Ok I get it, it is a love story, I shouldn’t make a big deal of it, but when it is the main reason why Nial hesitates to save Heather I think there should be some repercussions from it. I’m just saying. ***End Spoiler Alert*** Despite my annoyance at the end of the story I did enjoy the majority of it and the characters. I would be willing to pick up the next book in the Forever Series just to see what some of the other characters are up to.

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Ill never read anything by this author again. I could hardly finish this book.

Took me awhile to get into it, but I really enjoyed the book once I did.

Was something to read. Not really anything special.

A charming, happy ever after story.

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