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A Ilha Dos Espíritos (2009)

A Ilha dos Espíritos (2009)
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A Ilha Dos Espíritos (2009)
A Ilha Dos Espíritos (2009)

About book: Definitely not one of Lackberg's best! I do enjoy the Hedstrom series and enjoyed the sideline stories of what's happening with the growing family of Erica & Patrik, the problems of Erica's sister Anna after the accident, and the home life of the Mellberg/Morales family. The mystery itself, however, falls VERY short. Lackberg generally writes about probable happenings, but the premise this story was built on was too far-fetched and just strange. Add to that an incohesive sideline about embezzlers working the Tanum town council and you get a book that only gets finished when the reader is in hospital with nothing else to do. A new installment is expected in Spring 2014, and I sincerely hope it is more along the lines of The Ice Princess or The Preacher. This is not my favorite book of the Patrik Hedstrom series. It's an interesting story, but it's quite obvious from the start what's really happening in Ghost isle (even though I couldn't figure out who the murderer was until the very end of the book). Besides, the 19th century side story is quite predictable. I'm starting to get bored of the domestic lifestyle descriptions. All characters are pretty much alike: they all want a family and a "happily ever after". I wish there were different characters with different goals in life and other lifestyles to spice things up a little bit. Since I can't rate it 3,5 stars, I will give it 4 (Because I'm in a really good mood today).
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Much better than her last one.This one has a good story line and a believable ending.
Read this book in dutchreally liked it !!
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