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A Lua Do Tigre (2006)

A Lua do Tigre (2006)

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About book A Lua Do Tigre (2006)

Set in India, this book contains two interwoven stories that gradually come together. In the first, a young woman tells the second story to a young man as she awaits her death at the hands of her new husband. The second story is a fantastic adventure in which a young thief finds himself face-to-face with one of the Hindu gods, Krishna, and sent on a journey through India with a sacred tiger who is afraid of water and a mission to rescue a princess. Very enjoyable, featuring action, great characters, and character growth for all of the main characters in both of the tales. Enchanting! Beautiful Safia has been married off to a violent Rajah who will most likely kill her after their first night together. Dreading death, she begins to tell a tale to a boy who serves the Rajah’s harem. Over the course of several nights, she tells the story of the outcast thief Farhad as he travels all over India in an effort to save the god Krishna’s mortal daughter from being wed to a demon. Along his travels with his sacred white tiger, Nitish, Farhad meets an ancient yogi, is befriended by a young English woman, is stalked by a greedy man, and witnesses time and again the evil curse of the famed gemstone, the Bloodstone. A marvelous tale that echoes all of the best fairytales, but at the same time is completely new. Adventure, action, mysticism, fable, love and friendship, this story has all the makings of being a true classic. Ages 10-99--Review by Karrie

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