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A Moment (2013)

A Moment (2013)

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Marie Hall Publishing

About book A Moment (2013)

I LOVE this author, Marie Hall is an mazing story teller from the Kingdom series to this one I started, A Moment is such a realistic told story with happy and sad moments and all the other bits inbetween. I am slowly making ny way through all her books and let me tell you this one is more thab just a romance story or new adult, it has twists and turns and loveable characters that you can love and hate and worry about. As usual with Marie Hall this book was beautifully written with well formed characters.I think I went through every emotion reading this book. There was a part that I couldn't read fast enough as tension ramped up to get to the next part of the story only to have to slow myself down in case I was missing something important in my haste. Then there was the part that had me laughing out loud when Ryan was describing how, as a child, he had tried to befriend a neighbour's dog only for the neighbour to say "Boy, that ain't a dog, that's a rat."A really great book.

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Beautiful, Reading this book has been an amazing journey. Loved every moment of it!

Really enjoy Marie Hall's writing.

Loved it!

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