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A Most Dangerous Profession (2011)

A Most Dangerous Profession (2011)

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About book A Most Dangerous Profession (2011)

Book 3 in the Hurst Amulet seriesRobert Hurst allowed Moira MacAllister to seduce him into marrying him years ago. He was never quite able to figure out why she went to the trouble to make sure the marriage was legitimate.Now he's racing against time to collect the three onyx boxes that when opened & fit together make a map that may lead his family to the stolen Hurst Amulet.Moira needs the box to rescue her daughter from the man blackmailing her into stealing it. She runs into Robert again years later after their marriage while they're both trying to secure the box. Robert finally discovers the truth about why Moira tricked him into a real marriage & he's determined that he'll rescue their daughter from the blackmailer while keeping the onyx box for themselves. So what can I say about this series?After how the last one ended, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to get my hands on this one. Although I had to wait two days to satiate my curiosity about Robert and Moira. But thanks to Goodreads which has introduced me to my book-pals, I finally had the pleasure of reading it. And yes, it was a pleasure reading it!Of all the Hursts, Robert always seemed to me and a bit proud and distant. I mean there is something about him that just made him stand apart from his loving family. But in this novel, I came to see him in a very different light. It's not that he is pompous, but being a fop is a part of who he is! Ok I just muddled up summing him in the right words. When I read the first novel where I came to know about the Hurst family, Robert seemed like a very intelligent boy but always trying to look better than his siblings. A modern day, teacher's pet kind of person. And later through the series, I hardly read any letters by him sent to his family. And no one in his family even knew much about what he did for a living. They had a rough idea, but he was so distant. But in this novel I realised he was just very private. Its not that he didn't love his family, but he couldn't show his feelings. This was specially true in Moira's case. Whatever he felt, he kept it inside, which is why even until the last page, Moira was not sure what to think of him. I really fell for him, although he is not a rake-rogue kind of person!Moira was intriguing and funny and just what I expected her to be! OH to be such daring woman...One complain I do have, and that is, they didn't show Robert's relationship with Rowena. I mean he just ties her shoes and realizes he is her father?? Really? I wanted to read something profound that connected and made their father-daughter relationship strong. Well, I have yet to read a book which gives me that.But other than that... Michael you do realise, right, you love Jane Smith-Haughton???

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Good book, can't wait to read book #4 to find out how the saga ends.

February 3, 2014 -- recognized it but still reread it?????

Really liking this series.

Fun read!


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