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A Symphony Of Echoes (2013)

A Symphony of Echoes (2013)

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1783751762 (ISBN13: 9781783751761)
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About book A Symphony Of Echoes (2013)

This series started out in the first book absolutely delighting me and filling me with such curiosity and wonder. It also filled me with uproarious laughter at times too, but as we progress it just keeps getting better. A little sci-fi, a little thriller, and a lot of incredible storytelling, bring to life a world of characters and possibilities that delight me to no end. Written from perspective of our narrator "Max," who is looking back at these events from her future, we follow her and the rest of St. Mary's to the most incredible places in history. I cannot get enough of these books, of Max and of her trials and tribulations. I couldn't recommend these books enough! What's not to love in this series? In this book alone we have Dodos, Thomas A Beckett and Jack the Ripper! Also, lashings of tea.Some of the issues I mentioned with the first book seemed to have dissipated - I no longer felt as though I had missed whole swathes of the book. On occasion, Max found something blindingly obvious that escaped me - but other reviewers on Amazon bemoaned her tendency to over-explain.If the idea of historians roaming history barely avoiding catastrophe whilst making silly jokes and drinking gallons of tea doesn't appeal then this is probably not the book for you. But if this, mixed with huge doses of sarcasm and cultural references floats your boat then I hope you will love it as much as I did.Can't be more specific - I read all the books so close together it's just one long ricochet through time.

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Not as good as the first book, but I'm not giving up on the series.

Almost burned Thanksgiving dinner because I couldn't put it down.

These are unexpectedly very good!

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