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Aunt Dimity: Detective (2003)

Aunt Dimity: Detective (2003)
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Aunt Dimity: Detective (2003)
Aunt Dimity: Detective (2003)

About book: A proper murder! In Finch, of all places! Aunt Dimity: Detective veers away from the normal pattern of the series by focusing on recent murder. However, the occasion is still a catalyst for stunning revelations about the townspeople.The rumor mill of Finch is as industrious as any. Atherton lets the gossip fly in a story that takes place entirely within the village. The secrets uncovered by Lori and her newfound friend Nicholas are mostly tame, but one is a regular humdinger. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to enjoy the mystery itself. I spent the majority of the book deeply resenting the continual intrusion of Lori's wandering eye. Every man she encounters becomes an object of lust. Attraction and flirtation are one thing. Silently thanking your nosy neighbours for shaming you into fidelity is another entirely. I was thrilled when Dimity chastised her. I balked at the idea that Bill would be so coolly accepting - though I suppose she's kept half of her crushes a secret from him, so he doesn't know better. This woman is constantly Flirting With Intent and I'm fed up with it.Now that she's addressed it with Bill and they've vowed to spice up their lives, will the pattern be broken? I dearly hope so. I'd hate to give up on Dimity just because her niece is a strumpet.

I read this because I thought it was the first book in the series.It's not, which is just as well. Had I read this series from the beginning, I'd have pulled a Thursday Next so I could go slap Lori.***Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert***I don't know why the author bothered to give her main character a husband and twin sons; basically they're a sidenote to the plot. The plot, which seems to be a way for someone (the author, the editor, SOMEONE) to have their cake and eat it too. Not only did Lori spend this entire book running around with a man who was not her husband (paying gratuitous lip service to the town's rumor mill) playing Nancy Drew in the town in which she lives, but apparently that's her habit.According to the introductions performed by way of filler, she makes a hobby of this sort of behavior.Even the appearance of Aunt Dimity, the ghost in the journal, is not enough to make me want to read another book in this series.Ah well. Onward.
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Diane Heath
This book brings me up to date on the series (minus book 2 which I have yet to locate) By this time the character of Lori is well established and her circle of friends and family are in place. The difference this time is that an actual murder has been committed in Finch!! It is up to Lori to discover the truth about the death of Mrs. Hooper since the police are after Kit (see Aunt Dimity's Christmas). Bill is stuck in London so Lori's partner in crime is the vicar's nephew, Nicholas. Small towns and English villages are rife with rumor and the partnership of Lori and Nick add grist to the rumor mill as they track the rumors and secrets of the villagers.
The village of Finch once more is front and center for a mystery, this time a murder. The personalities the reader has met in other books take the stage again and we learn more about each. There are only a few new characters. This book is the last in the series that I had read back in 2003 or 2004 and the gingerbread men recipe one of the few I didn't try back then, so I get to anticipate going on to the other books in the series and trying several recipes at the same time. Over the next few weeks, I hope to try all of the ones so far, except Nell's Strawberry Tarts, which I will wait until summer to try. Some of them have become old favorites as are the books. I am enjoying myself immensely.
This was the first Aunt Dimity book I've read and I have to say that while it was pleasant, fast reading, I was not overly impressed. In this book, Aunt Dimity (deceased) was a spirit that manifests herself to the heroine, Lori, via a blue journal book. I honestly don't think Aunt Dimity leant much credence to the story - I could have done without her (and I think Lori also, since she had the help of the vicar's nephew, Nicholas). The ending seemed a little melodramatic and disappointing at the same time but I did like the story's setting, a small village in England. I would probably try another Aunt Dimity book (if she's living in the story) before passing final judgement on the entire series.
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