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Bear, Otter, And The Kid (2011)

Bear, Otter, and the Kid (2011)

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1613720874 (ISBN13: 9781613720875)
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About book Bear, Otter, And The Kid (2011)

OMG, what does TJ Klune do to us in this story? I was taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride along with the main character of Bear, from whose point of view the story is told. It is present tense which I, personally, love, but it also goes off on tangents into the past, from Bear and then Otter's POV, via Bear. Bear and Otter aren't even their real names. They're actually called Derrck and Oliver. Does that sound confusing? Well it isn't. Not at any time was I ever confused, except when TJ Klune wanted me to feel that way.I lived this story through Bear's narrative, feeling his every emotion as keenly as he felt it himself. He is funny, confused, far too young to have such responsibility thrust upon him and so very, very brave and strong. I fell completely in love with him in the first paragraph.Then along came Otter, and oh my god, I fell in love all over again. I fell in love with Creed, and also with Anna who was given, I think, the most difficult part in this story, since she is the unfortunate girlfriend-in-the-middle. She is treated with great dignity, and I have every respect for the way she handled herself.Last to be mentioned, but by no means least, is Ty: the Kid in the title. His personality shines through and dominates this story, not just because his needs have been most important and have influenced every character we read about but also because he is a one in a million with such a unique outlook on life I think I fell in love with him reading after reading his very first words.TJ Klune has written such a lovely tale, full of such sweetness, maturity, courage and strength emerging from a situation where most people would simply crumble and give up.I look forward to reading more about these characters since I understand there are sequels. I loved this book on so many levels. I adore - I mean adore!! - the Kid. (Otter otter otter, don't lead cows to slaughter - snort). Who can't love the Kid?? He's adorbs.I also loved Otter. The book made me cry. It made me laugh. I loved Anna and Ms Paquin and Creed. And it is on my favorites shelf and I will likely read again. So why four stars? Because in places I got too frustrated with Bear - his internal monologue - and I do think the book could have been cut ever so slightly. (I feel actual meanballs saying that because I loved it so much but it just had some passages that went on tooooo long, and I so needed to know it worked out okay ((For Otters sake and The Kids)) that I had to skim read at times). There is a lot of angst in this book. In places I almost couldn't bear to read it, because TJ Klune stomped on my heart. The Kid was so vulnerable in the start - and he really got to me 'cause I've been there. That feeling of being so afraid in the world even going to the toilet and shutting the damn door is scary because you don't know if people are going to be there when you come out. If you're in a very vulnerable place right now then this book could really make you cry! I adored Tell Me It's Real by this same author and I cannot believe he doesn't work full time as a writer - he's so damned talented (it always amazes me those who do and those who don't manage to make a full time living writing because it doesn't always seem to correpsond with talent whatsoever).So yeah, I def recommned this book. I loved it. But at times I wanted to shake Bear to move things along. (And I do not know if I dare go there with Into this River I Drown because I *know* it will just kill me dead!)

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