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Being Sixteen (2010)

Being Sixteen (2010)

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About book Being Sixteen (2010)

I think I was a little disappointed in this book because I was thrown off by the title. I loved being sixteen. In this book the LDS narrator can't wait to turn sixteen so she can start "living life" with dating and driving. It turns out that her year is a lot more difficult than she anticipated and she struggles with trying to help her bulimic younger sister. It's a great book to help understand a little more about eating disorders but more the struggles of people who have loved ones who suffer from this disorder. Overall, I enjoyed it and it's an easy read. Which I love :) I loved this book, Being Sixteen. It was hard to put down!! I could really feel Juliet's pain as she struggled with her sister, her friends and her testimony of the gospel. Within this book, Juliet learns something about all of those things and, with her, I did, too.I would compare this book because of how much I truly enjoyed it, with anything Jack Weyland. It was real and touching. It had a great spiritual message. I loved the characters to the end.I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed Weyland or to anyone looking for a great young adult read. Because it's LDS, no one has to worry about inappropriate messages or nasty words. This book is all good and all Mormon. It's a great read.

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This was a good book! I liked how it was told from that point of view.

This is a wonderful story of a sisters and adversity.

Wow, such a powerful story!

I really loved this book!

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