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Best Friends (1986)

Best Friends (1986)

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Instead of a synopsis, I am going to do things a bit differently this time. Even though SVH came first, chronologically this is where it all began (oh shut up, I don't care about Sweet Valley Kids). Jessica seems to be the most sociopathic during the first 30 books of each series (not counting SY and JH). Here she's on a crusade against fat people, just the same as in "Double Love." I won't tell you the plot - it's pretty obvious anyway. Jess and Liz are growing apart for the first time in their lives. They are developing different interests. Liz is alternately okay and not okay with this. Jessica is just Jessica. But what I want to do this time is present to you a plethora of quotes from the book that will let you in on the plot but also let you eavesdrop on what is taking place in Wakefield Land. Bring a seat cushion. It's going to be a bumpy ride."'Did you see Lois Waller in gym class today?' Jessica asked. 'She was practically oozing out of her leotard. Fat everywhere. They shouldn't let a tub like her take ballet.'""Besides, [Elizabeth] was the one in charge. She had to remind Jessica to do practically everything, plus help her with her math, and pick up after her. Where would Jessica be without her?""'She's in the Unicorn Club,' Jessica told her sister.'What's that?' Elizabeth asked. 'Did Lila's father buy her a unicorn?'""Every girl at the table was sensational-looking and dressed in great clothes. Jessica knew she could hold her own in the looks department. With her silky blond hair, blue-green eyes, and perfect features, there was no doubt about it.""[Elizabeth] didn't know who made her feel worse -- herself, for waiting forever like a wimp, or Jessica, for having no consideration at all.""How was [Jessica] going to keep her own twin sister from finding out the best thing that had ever happened to her?""Maybe that was how Jessica always got around her. She was so outrageous, it was funny.""'I just decided Steven was right. We're too old to dress alike.''But you could have warned me. We've been dressing alike since nursery school.'"Mrs. Arnette sighed. 'How sad it is that you and your sister aren't dressing alike! You used to look like two little dolls,' she said.We probably did, Elizabeth thought. Ugh.""'Look, Jessica, we don't want you to drop out. I mean, how would it look? It's OK for us to kick people out, but it's different for somebody to quit.'" - Janet"'Jessica, I'm sorry. I really want to be in the club with you, but I won't do that to Lois.''You are a priss. A first-class priss!'""Fun! Jessica had thought as she hung up. Eating in public with Lois would be about as much fun as having her head shaved.""[Jessica] was feeling a little nervous about Lois. Suppose shaving cream was poison after all? Oh, don't be silly, she told herself. Lois's parents probably just got tired of looking at her and sent her off to a fat farm. That was much more likely. Anyhow, the Unicorn Club was the important thing.""[Elizabeth] looked around Ellen's room. She had never seen so many rainbows in her life. They were on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, on her wastebasket. She even had them on her hairbrush and her telephone. Maybe she could count them. That would help her stay awake. ... Elizabeth felt as though her head were filling up with oatmeal.""Elizabeth decided it was time she used Jessica's tactics on Jessica. 'I'm quitting the Unicorn Club, by the way.'"Jessica didn't try to keep the relief out of her voice. 'Well, I didn't think the club was exactly right for you.''That is, I'm quitting if you apologize to Lois.'""'But now I don't have to stick to you like glue. I can do what I really want to.'Jessica looked astounded. 'You mean you didn't before? I sure always did what I wanted!'""'Yep.' Steven bowed. 'Those Unicorns have great taste in men.''Maybe so, but they're not very nice.' Elizabeth couldn't resist bringing this up. 'I mean, picking on Lois Waller.... how mean can you get? I wonder how they would like it if everyone laughed at them.'Jessica raised her eyebrows. 'It's silly even to talk about. That could just NEVER happen.'""'Neato! If it works, I'll be so happy I'll-I'll go on a diet! I think you're a genius!'" -Lois Alternate Title
: "Double Vision," "Seeing Double," "Double or Nothing," "Double the Fun," ... I could keep going for days with this.Tagline: "Elizabeth is afraid she's losing her best friend -- her twin sister!"On a Scale of 1-10, How Annoying is Elizabeth?
 0, I like her in this one.On a Scale of 1-10, How Sociopathic is Jessica? 7. She's on one of her "fat is evil" kicks, and she's horrible to Lois Waller.The Big Deal: Jessica's Unicorn Club initiation Lingering Questions: In SVJH, which isn't that long after this, Liz says that she and Jess quit dressing alike in the 5th grade. But here, at the very beginning of the book, Liz and Jess are still dressing identical... and they are 12 years old.Cover: Good or Bad?: Awww, as evil as they are, their beauty can't be denied. I loved when the twins looked like this, before Mathewuse got lazy. And, once again, what is it with the twins and striped shirts?Moral of the Story: If you look alike on the outside, you are actually VERY DIFFERENT on the inside.Final Rating: Two stars.

The various Sweet Valley series aren't exactly known for being excellent literature. Entertaining? Absolutely. Edifying? Not so much. That said, the very first Sweet Valley Twins book is actually good junior fiction. Elizabeth and Jessica have always dressed alike and done everything together, because that's what identical twins do. But now they're in middle school and developing different interests and groups of friends. Jess is starting to notice boys (Bruce Patman in particular, because of course) and wants to join the super-exclusive Unicorn Club, while Liz doesn't understand the appeal of boys and is excited about starting a sixth grade newspaper with her non-exclusive friends Julie and Amy. Elizabeth basically freaks out about this, because she's scared that she's losing her best friend. It doesn't help when a Unicorn Club pledge leads to Jessica having a complete makeover and choosing non-matching clothes for the first time ever. (view spoiler)[And, once Jess actually gets into the club, Liz feels like she has to be a part of it too, even though she has no interest in their gossip-and-boys-filled discussion topics. The Unicorns don't really think Elizabeth is a good fit, but to keep Jess in the club, they allow her to pledge—and all she has to do is play a prank on resident fat girl, Lois Waller. Liz refuses, because it's Not Nice, but Jess secretly pretends to be her and successfully completes the pledge task on Elizabeth's behalf. Liz is horrified when she finds out what's happened. She makes Jessica apologise and helps Lois to get revenge on the Unicorns. Well, mostly on Lila, for some reason. In the end, Elizabeth realises that it's okay that she and Jessica have different priorities now, especially as that means she gets to do what she wants, instead of just doing whatever Jess suggests. (hide spoiler)]

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I left the Sweet Valley Kids series fairly quickly upon learning that a series for middle schoolers were available. And I wanted to start at the beginning; thinking that ah, this one's more age appropriate for me (then a 6th grader).This was a great beginning to the Sweet Valley Twins series, wherein we got to witness an early-coming-of-age for the twins. This is of course due to their transition of grade levels and their choosing of both interests and friends. But the dilemma both faced and were reluctant to admit to themselves (more so on Jessica's part) was the question of whether or not their differences would wedge them apart.This would become the backbone of the series and of the succeeding spin-offs (SVH, SVU, Senior Year, etc.) and tiring as the formula may now be when one looks back, it did, at the time, worked for a slew of 80's generation children like myself.More of Purplycookie’s Reviews @: Details: Title: Best Friends (Sweet Valley Twins, #1) Author: Francine Pascal Reviewed By: Purplycookie

It was with these books that I realized just how much I would love reading. In third grade I used to sneak them to school and read them under my desk until I got caught. I enjoyed them as much for their moral lessons as for the entertainment. I can't speak to the quality of writing (because I'm sure if I went back to read them they wouldn't hold up) but they meant a lot to me at the time. My dad used to buy my sister and I new ones when we got good grades or for good behavior. I read almost every book in the series, though I won't add them all because that would take me all day.

A strange re-hash of the first Sweet Valley High book: club pledging , mistaken idenity that tarnishes Liz's rep , starting a paper/writing for the paper - but when I was young , I didn't notice or care. Finally the twins were my age!( for more svh svt madness - check out my site - It's embarrassing to recall just how influential this series was to me and my friends. For a while we even started a Unicorn club - it quickly went ka-put... who could find that much purple?! Most distrubing was how the twins more resembled the misty cartoon angel/devil figures that appear on an indecisive child's shoulder than actual people with a more balanced set of ideals and flaws. In pledging the Unicorns Jessica assumes Liz's identity and does her appointed pledge task ( Liz refused ) replacing the whipped cream with shaving cream on obese girl , Lois's, sundae. When she gleefully informs the horrified girl of her deed it's Liz that takes the heat. As mean as this is , there are some weirder undercurrants going on - like if Liz is so nice - why does Lois gush when Liz calls her - because Liz has never done it before, despite her small knot of friends - Lois isn't one of them, never is. And when they get revenge on the Unicorns - only rich-girl Lila is targeted , and embarrassed - why not Jess? Sometimes I think these girls exist in a dream world - one in which Jess can perform deeds Liz can't or battles wanting to , which would explain why Liz gets the blame. But Jess never really gets punished because in a dream world Jess would be Liz's id. And you can't punish your ego.

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