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Black Heart Down (2011)

Black Heart Down (2011)

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160820328X (ISBN13: 9781608203284)
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About book Black Heart Down (2011)

I've been looking forward to Robbie and Kyler's story since the first time their names were mentioned and it was perfect! Their transition from a self destructing relationship to a healthy one was not without obstacles, but the end result was amazing. I'm so happy that Robbie and Kyler worked things out and really managed to save their love for each other. We see a lot of our old friends again: Jesse and Evan, Brandon and Shunichi, and Julian and Morgan I enjoyed it immensely. 4 stars for an amazing follow up to the Conquest series. :) 4.5 stars. This book managed to make a gripping, realistic story out of two guys trying to fix a broken relationship. Moreover it did so without any major crises or OTT plot elements. The guys were both immature and lousy at communicating with each other as the story opened, and both had a tendency to blame the other guy for their problems and over-react. This felt pretty real and human, even if it did make me want to smack them a few times. The progression of the story worked well for me, and dammit I want a friend as clear-eyed as Jesse and Evan to point out to me when I'm screwing things up. (As hot as those two wouldn't hurt either :)

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I liked this, but the endless parade of happy couples from other books drove me mad.

I simply love this author! Another winner for me.

**3.5 stars**



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