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Blurred Expectations (2013)

Blurred Expectations (2013)

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1623220246 (ISBN13: 9781623220242)
Fated Desires Publishing, LLC

About book Blurred Expectations (2013)

Say something about this...Title: Blurred ExpectationSeries: Redwood Pack Book 4.5Author: Carrie Ann RyanPublisher: Fated Desires Publishing LLCPublished: 12-27-2012Pages: 73E-Book ASIN B00AU4WG26Genre: Romance, Paranormal, ShapeshiftersBabies Everywhere...Hannah, Josh and Reed Jameson share the Trinity Bond, a very strong magical bond in the pack and Hannah is settling in as the healer, but all three are still grieving the loss of the baby Hannah loss when she depleted herself when she saved Micah and Josh after Caym nearly killed them in Enforcer's Redemption. Now Hannah sinks deeper and deeper into a depression as each cycle passes and she still has not conceived. Josh and Reed try to help her and they miss their mate as she pulls farther and farther away from them. After one particular discussion Hannah goes into the woods thinking it is safe since Bay did the blood bond with Kade and the Alpha to reinforce the wards protecting the den only to find someone has found a way to circumvent them. She is now fighting for her life and praying her mates will find her in time. A new danger comes to the Redwood Pack and it may cost them their healer and Josh and Reed may loose their mate? Pick up your copy of Blurred Expectations today, but keep in mind this book truly requires that you read the books that came before. Believe me that is no hardship. Carrie Ann Ryan has provided a series you will want to immerse yourself in and if possible move in with. You can purchase each book separately or you can by them in volumes of two books each. Either way you will be sure to read this series again and again. I absolutely love the Redwood Pack Series! Blurred Expectations didn't disappoint, it was just as good as all the rest.This was a novella about Josh, Hannah and Reed, kind of a look into their lives after becoming mates! It was steamy,romantic, sweet and funny with a twist of suspense! I finished in one sitting! As usual I was hooked from the beginning and didn't want to put it down! I can't wait for the next in the series!

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It was good. I htink it was a bit abrupt but then again it was a short story.

I love this series. I can't wait for the next book!!!

Great little story. I love this series.

Man I love this series!

Loved it!

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