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Bound By Light (2008)

Bound by Light (2008)
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Bound By Light (2008)
Bound By Light (2008)

About book: I give this book 3.5 stars. I really liked Jake a lot more than Merilee. He's sort of a tortured soul. Merilee's the normal sassy gal that you find in most stories so nothing really new or special. This is the first book I've read in the series. Like usual, I bought a huge lot of books and this was in there. From reading about the other women in this triad, I'm not sure I would like the other books, but who know. The conclusion to this series actually worked the least for me although not because it was a bad book. Nick and Cynda definitely had chemistry and I liked him telling off the Mothers who had the nerve to sneer at him after he had helped save them... But eventually it does work out although a lot of good people are killed. The plot introduced in the first book - the death and transformation of Creed and Nick's brother - is resolved. The fourth element of the Sisterhood is reborn...Order REALLY matters with this series...Dark Crescent Sisterhood:1 Bound by Shadow2 Bound by Flame3 Bound by Light
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Great trilogy! A nice light "paranormal romance" with action and awesome heroines.
Love this book - love the series...
my favorite of all three!
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