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Breaking Free Member Book (2009)

Breaking Free Member Book (2009)

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1415868026 (ISBN13: 9781415868027)
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About book Breaking Free Member Book (2009)

I have done this study four or more times, and just went through this newer version - and I must say I was once again reminded why Beth Moore is so exceptional. Perfect study for someone who wants to get back on track with Jesus, or gain an overview of some of the basic requirements of developing intimacy with the Lord. I highly recommend this version as it was updated and felt very balanced in terms of time spent on each day. I went through this long distance with a friend and then we skyped about every two weeks to discuss. Perfect study for that type of discipleship relationship - or of course just for your personal journey with Jesus. Enjoy! Very good lay out. It was inspiring and motivating! It helps you look into your past match up and recall points in your life, battles, fear, to the Bible example on a woman's perspective. Kinda set up thought for thought then a literal way of viewing scriptures, but she does shed some light on greek words for the overall meaning... which gives creditability to her thoughts on the matter. Which I like.

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This study changed my life. The end.

of course excellent

An amazing study.


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