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Bunheads (2011)

Bunheads (2011)

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0316126535 (ISBN13: 9780316126533)

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"Bunheads" was a perfect choice for me, since I am a dancer. Hannah, the main character went through huge struggles and changes through the story, regarding the ballet world. It is a very competitive world that she spends all her time involved in. She works her butt off for leads, and spends all her time staying fit and improving her turn-out and technique. There are some enemies that come along the way that cause her to ponder over her choices of training at New York Ballet. Although, after a while she runs into Jacob, who she ends up having to choose between her love life and dance. In the end, it is difficult for her to live with now that she has been getting many more leads and responsibilities. But she gets a little bit of both, and finds her happiness through both scenarios. It is a happy, love story that I find quite interesting; it's one of those books you cannot put down. I really enjoyed this and it was a fast read! When I found this book in my library I didn't think that I would enjoy it as much as I did. I was pleasantly surprised how a story about ballerinas actually had great characters each with their own struggles. The story centers around 19 year old Hannah, a corpse ballerina at the Manhattan ballet company. She dreams of being a prima ballerina and to be noticed by her teachers. As the story goes on you get a wonderful insight into the high stakes world of company ballet. I would recommend this book to anyone who dances or anyone just looking for a good read. Bunheads is an enjoyable tale with great characters, a great message about choosing your own path, and a look into the world of Ballet

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Very cute story. Bit of a slow start but then it sucked me in .:)

A very good book although disheartening for my ballerina career.

Good book.

3.5 stars

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