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Button Holed (2011)

Button Holed (2011)

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0425243761 (ISBN13: 9780425243763)

About book Button Holed (2011)

Sometimes when reading it's all about expectations. When I saw this book was available and someone else had read it and liked it I decided to take a chance. It's the first in a series "starring" Josie Giancola, one of America's leading button experts. Her costars include the retired policeman and helpful neighbor Stan, the obligatory handsome scalawag of an ex-husband, and a cute police detective she'd previously met on a first date gone wrong. The mix is interesting, the characters are introduced at a pace that lets you get to know them, and the mystery is enjoyable. I'll be searching out #2 in the Button Box Mystery series and recommend it to anyone who likes cozy mysteries. This is a first in a series about a …button expert. I will say I would never have picked up this book on my own. It is just not something that would have attracted me. However, that is one of the reasons I belong to book clubs on Goodreads. This was a selection from the Cozy Mystery Corner group. I joined because cozies are a genre that are close to my heart (think MC Beaton, Simon Brett, Diane Mott Davidson, Agatha Christie). That is a plus for this book, definitely a genre I enjoy.The book is written well, as far as editing and language, and the series protagonist Josie Giancola is a likable character, however a little too stereotypical “shy girl swooped off her feet by extroverted cad”. The theme (button collecting/antiquing) does not overwhelm character or plot, which can be a problem with some of the more cutesy and theme specific cozy mysteries.My main issue with this particular outing is that you will need to practice some serious belief suspension. Josie, button expert extraordinaire, is recruited by a police officer, Nevin, and embroiled in the mystery in a rather unbelievable, heavy handed manner.To be fair, perhaps the problems I had with the book were caused by it being a first book in a series. It really had a feel that the author was setting things up for future books, establishing background, setting and relationships. With that in mind, I gave Button Holed 3 stars and given the opportunity, I would give another book in the series a chance .

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Promising new series but she has to ditch the ex-husband. He makes her look like a pushover.

I love this book. I could not put it down and finished it in two weeks.

First in a new series.

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