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Can We Save The Tiger?. By Martin Jenkins (2011)

Can We Save the Tiger?. by Martin Jenkins (2011)

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1406319090 (ISBN13: 9781406319095)
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About book Can We Save The Tiger?. By Martin Jenkins (2011)

Exquisite illustrations of extinct and endangered species. Simpler text is interspersed with "read-aloud optional" in-depth text with statistics and specs on each animal discussed. Some stories of why and how animals were endangered and either made extinct or saved are also shared. Nicely balanced book between beauty and a difficult, complex topic. Could be shared with kids as young as, say, 2nd or 3rd grade, but I doubt I'd share it with much younger. I would, however, share this with any person older . . . even adults. Title: Can We Save The Tiger?Audience: PrimaryGenre: Children's Picture StorybookAward: School Library Journal Best Books 2011: NonfictionI chose to compare Can We Save the Tiger to is Save the Tiger by Sarah Eason because the books give us facts about the animals that are going to be potentially extinct as well as large photographs of each of the animals. One comparison between these books is the books give us facts about the animals. An example from Can We Save The Tiger book is "Kakapos are amazing birds that live in New Zealand." Another example from this book is "Sawfishes have become accidentally endangered by human actions or disease. Another comparison between the books is the illustrations. The illustrations depict the different animals that may become extinct or have become extinct.

Do You like book Can We Save The Tiger?. By Martin Jenkins (2011)?

Conversationally engaging, informative and visually delightful.

Great first description of extinction and endangered species.

Any book that mentions the kakapo gets bonus points.

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