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Cassandra's Challenge (2013)

Cassandra's Challenge (2013)

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M.K. Eidem

About book Cassandra's Challenge (2013)

Stars: 5+Overall: The Earth has just blown up and Cassie and her niece Tori are throw into a world that they never knew existed. In their first month there both of them prove how smart and strong they are and Cassie really seems to impress the people she comes into contact with and Tori just charms the pants off of them. After a month Cassie and William become close and attacks start to happen to the girls, which they find of later, that it has more to do with a bigger problem than they originally thought. Cassie starts on a personal mission to figure out what and why certain things happened and in that she learns about herself and where her ancestors came from. William, Cassie, Tori, Lucas and certain friends go on a roller coaster ride of drama that leads to a really great ending. Pros: The author has a wonderful way of writing that makes you feel fully involved in the story and the characters lives. The side characters for me personally added that extra special something to the story that made it a whole. I personally really just liked the flow of the story and that there was mystery, romance and a ton of drama. The relationships all had a special something that made you love them and feel for them when they were going throw, whatever it was they were going threw. I really loved how strong Cassie and Tori were after everything that happened to them. The author has a wonderful way of making all the heroines in her story strong and not the damsel in distress types. Cons: Towards the end it was a little bit of overkill for me because I felt like I was rereading what had already been written awhile back about feelings and certain events that had already happened. Characters: Cassie & WilliamPage Turner: Oh YesSeries Cont: YesRecommend: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I'm unable to continue, literally. I can honestly say I almost never stop reading a book. I purchased this book because the amazon ratings (and good read) ratings were high. AND yes, I read those reviews that stated there were grammatical issues etc. but OMG! Okay, let me just say that it is terribly unfortunate when a possibly decent plot gets ruined by severely poor editing. Grammar, even run on sentences and punctuation mistakes I can usually ignore for a bit...but switching from present to past tense AND changing POV mid sentence...sorry I can't do it. It is much too jarring, and it literally makes me cringe. "He trusted her, he trusts her. She didn't give him any reason not to." Really? And it kept happening over and over. How is one supposed to concentrate on the story when the tenses keep switching back and forth and we keep head hopping from Cassandra to William to Lucas and Victoria! Yes, in one paragraph the author had us in three different POV's. I REALLY wanted to like this book, plus I paid (considering the truly awful editing) way too much for it. But I'm bitterly disappointed, even a bit angry that I wasted money on a book that should not have been allowed to hit the presses without proper editing.

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