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Chances Aren't (2000)

Chances Aren't (2000)
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Chances Aren't (2000)
Chances Aren't (2000)

About book: Yes I picked this up from Amazon for free. I also decided to get it as it's a romance written by a male, thought I would give it a go. Was it a "good romance"? No, to me it wasn't... but it was an alright story. Long story short? Emily is leaving Ben.. (personally I would of done it a long time ago, the guy pissed me off badly!)He whines and whinges a bit then decides to end things... fate however steps in and gives him a "redo" yep the old go back in time trick... He goes back and is all about sex and just.. stupid shit really... but in the end we get a HEA that was kinda predictable. So really what we got was an alright story with a few sex scenes, some sexual education and a few giggles. Quick easy read. I toyed between three and four stars, based on the fact I just didn't like Ben, the main character(s), but realized he wasn't supposed to be a likable guy, indeed he was supposed to be the selfish asshole he finally realized he was. A quite interesting book about that selfish asshole, his broken marriage, and a chance at a do-over. It wasn't until the ending chapter that it finally all pulled together for me, and I am grateful for that, because it shows that we can all be redeemed.
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It was ok, I liked how it ended, but for most of the book I was just wanting it to be over
Good story - kind of long and confusing at times. Glad I stuck with it.
Starts off OK but goes downhill quickly. Not worth the time.
Amazon Freebie 11/16/13
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