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Children Make Terrible Pets (2010)

Children Make Terrible Pets (2010)

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0316015482 (ISBN13: 9780316015486)
Hachette, Little, Brown and Company

About book Children Make Terrible Pets (2010)

In this story Lucy, a bear, finds a creature, a human, wondering around in the forest. She immediately falls in love with the creature and decides to make him her pet. Her mom warns her that children make terrible pets, and her mom’s accusations were later confirmed. Lucy’s pet was impossible to potty train, destroyed furniture, and to make things worse he got lost. Once Lucy finds him, she realizes her pet belonged to a family and she had to say good-bye. The illustrations in this story have a unifying theme. The background is the same, and same colored boxes are used for text and for quotes. This adorable story can give children insight to how their own pets may feel. It provides children with an animal perspective. Also using this book can be a great way to teach children how to properly treat pets and have sensitivity towards them. I totally love this book!! It is so hilarious and a fun read for children. This book is about a bear name Lucy who found a little boy in her backyard and decided to make the boy her pet. Her Mama Bear did not think it was a great idea, but Lucy kept the little boy and begin to love him. Unfortunately for Mama Bear, the little boy went back to his family and Lucy had to learn from it. I think the theme for this book is Different From The Norm. Teachers could stem a class discussion with the kids and explain to them how sometimes things are different from the norm. The children can discuss and ask questions about the things in this book that are different from the norm such as pets have children as pets.

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everything has its own place in the world. good for children dealing with separation.

The story of a bear and her boy.

Cute story.

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