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Días Eternos (2011)

Días Eternos (2011)

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8496886247 (ISBN13: 9788496886247)

About book Días Eternos (2011)

What do you think of the blurb - 'I didn't look a day over 16, but if someone has asked, I would say 592'?! Enough to capture me in to reading it...Although it was a average vampire story, which in general I don't really like, it was a strong and strangely interesting novel. However, the real-life aspects were quite good and funny, especially some of the human characters. Personally, I didn't really like it much but would recommend it to people who are interested in history and paranormal books. Bu bizim ülkemizdeki kapaklar bazen harbi vasat ötesi oluyor... -_-Neyse ki kapağa aldanmayıp kitaba şans verdim.Daha ilk 50 sayfasında bir ağlamışım.Keşke aynı şekilde devam etseydi. Ortalara doğru mahvoldu güzelim hikaye sonra BAMM!O final olmasa 2 verecek idim. Neyse ki iyi kurtartı(k).Kısa lafın daha da kısası; okunabilir nitelikte orta hâlli bir vampir kitabı.

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fun read. nothing deep or life changing. reserved 2nd book in trilogy. should be good.

Review to come...

beautiful :)


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