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Daybreak (1995)

Daybreak (1995)
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Daybreak (1995)
Daybreak (1995)

About book: The back cover of this book sounded interesting enough to make me want to read it: the story of two boys switched at birth, but I think the author took on a little too much in her plot line. The premise: two boys switched at birth, one Jewish and one born to a bigot. The one born to the bigot dies at the beginning of the story, leaving the Jewish one who was raised by the bigot to be told the awful truth. This would've been enough of a story right there, but no....the author includes all kinds of back stories about the town almost in a race war with everyone who's anyone connected to the Klan, which really detracted from the actual story. By the end, I couldn't wait for the book to end, and I figured out about 200 pages into it who actually switched the babies so that wasn't a surprise when I was right!

This is a book which, had it not been a book club book, I would not have picked up.Skipping and skimming skills were valuable.What an unexpected story. Another book on my summer 2011 list covered the web of connections, this book covered how families don't know each other. I didn't like Laura at the beginning of the book.Young love - soul mates; bigotry; KKK; family...What would you do if you found out your baby was swapped at birth? Nuture vs Nature. I think the Crawfield tried too hard. Bud wo
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This was better than I expected it to be, and I got caught up in the story and ramifications of babies switched at birth. This is a book that a reader friend gave me, and since it looked like the sort of book I don't usually read, I asked her what kind of a book it was. Her answer--it's just a Belva Plain. Not much of an answer if you don't have a frame of reference, but now that I've read it I can see that it serves. It's just a Belva Plain. There's drama, but not an absurd amount (though sometimes pushing the limit); romance, but not crude; human emotions, explored from every angle; resolutions, generally believable.
Tracy Walters
This book is about politics and racism/KKK with a few romances and a baby switching thrown was an easy read with some 'over the top' emotional seens by a 19 year old kid and his racist father.....Some of the things they talked about really angered me and I would get riled up because of their stupidity and nastiness......then I would take a deep breath and realize that it was just a book and that I live in a place and with people that choose to accept people for who they are......not what they are.....I felt the ending was tied up a bit too nicely but....isn't that what romance novels are supposed to do???.....
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