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Dengeki Daisy 03 (2008)

Dengeki Daisy 03 (2008)

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About book Dengeki Daisy 03 (2008)

In this volume Teru buys Kurosaki a gift. At first she doesn't know what to get him, but with the help of her friends she decides in a music box. Teru moves next door to Kurosaki and won't admit it to her, but he is slowly falling in love with her and misses her living there. But like this BIG secret is brimming over to the edge, so does the storm that happens and Teru finds out who Kurosaki really is. Haha!! This volume was hilarious! There were many moments I burst out laughing at! And loads of moments where I was squee-ing like a fan girl with hearts flying all over my face! LOL!Teru is really a great character. I LOVED how she was about ready to kick those girls' asses when they were picking on her. Normal female manga characters would have just cried...but she was like "You wanna piece of this?" and I was like OMG YES!!! So I was very happy!Man, I just fricken love this series!!!

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I thought it was amazing and the ending,which I was shocked by,made me want to read on.

Very dramatic chapter ending this volume. I can't wait for the next one!

I'll admit it, this series is growing on me...

Loving it

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