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Der Mann Im Schatten Thriller (2009)

Der Mann Im Schatten Thriller (2009)
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Der Mann Im Schatten Thriller (2009)
Der Mann Im Schatten Thriller (2009)

About book: Since I had read the last book in this series - The Last Alibi - I wanted to go back and start at the beginning.This series is about Jason Kolarich - who is a lawyer sharing a practice with this former girlfriend. Jason's wife and daughter will killed in a automobile accident 6 months prior and he is just struggling to get through the loss every day.27 years ago - Sammy Cutler and Jason's family live next door to each other and are good friends..Then Audrey (Sammy's sister is abducted - her body was never found)..Sammy is devasted and never quits looking for her..They do arrest a neighbor - Griffin Perlini - who is convicted and sentenced to prison.Years later when Griffin is released, Sammy runs into him at a grocery store. When Griffin is found dead later, Sammy is arrested for his murder.Jason is contacted by a Mr. Smith - to represent Sammy and get him off of all charges. This begins the roller coaster ride of what really happened..Did Sammy kill Griffin - Why is Mr. Smith so interested in paying a large sum of money to get him off and providing witness to Sammy's innocence..I really liked this book and it had some twists and turns..I will continue following Jason and his cases. Really taut legal thriller with a couple of twists that I absolutely did not see coming. Marked down a star because of one thing in the run-up to the conclusion that strained credulity and the bizarre appearance of a family member who vanished immediately, never to be mentioned again. The mention of a new family member was a major distraction to the scene in which it occurred and an ongoing annoyance when that person was never mentioned again.But I really appreciate Ellis's writing. It's crisp, with tight plot development, good pacing, and solid and believable characters.
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I don't like to write reviews, so I'll just say that I've found a new favorite author:-)
It was a bit slow to start, but then it picked up and the ending had a great twist.
Great plot. Best suspense novel I've read in a while.
A Brilliant Read....
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