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Die Früchte Der Unsterblichkeit (2013)

Die Früchte der Unsterblichkeit (2013)
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Die Früchte Der Unsterblichkeit (2013)
Die Früchte Der Unsterblichkeit (2013)

About book: Reread on December 12, 2014: 4.5/5 Stars. I love how this novella is from Andrea's POV. She's a BAMF and I liked getting to know her more. Also, Raphael is hilarious.Originally Read on July 10, 2013: This was a lovely novella set between books 3 and 4. To be honest, I wish I had read this before I had read Magic Bleeds. It explains some of the references. I quite enjoyed learning more about Andrea. I can't wait to read Gunmetal Magic that is told from her POV! This story is a short novella that involves Andrea, the beastkin Knight of the Order that works with Kate, and Raphael a male bouda that is a shape shifting hyena. This short story is from the point of view of Andrea, taking place shortly after Magic Strikes in which Kate is injured during the Midnight Games. At the beginning of the story Andrea is in Kate's office taking phone calls, since she has never been given a chance because of her previous partner's death. While she is babysitting Kate's office a phone call comes in about a giant dog chasing after a shapeshifter. Andrea decides to take the case since the shapeshifters won't work with anyone but Kate and she is too injured to be able to work. Once Andrea comes across the scene of the crime she discovers that is is Raphael is the shapeshifter that is being chased by the twenty-three foot tall dog. Andrea is wary of being around Raphael because beastkins are not welcome in shapeshifter society as they are wereanimals that were animals affected by the Lyc-V that allows them to have a human shape. Because Andrea's father was a hyena that was infected she was make natural bouda and part beastkin. Raphael has been courting Andrea since the last Kate Daniels novel. During the investigation into the reason behind the large dog and the disappearance of Raphaels' step father's body.
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Some backstory on Andrea, how Andrea and Raphael got together, and a few details on Kate.
The start of Andrea and Raphael relationship,yummy:) Really love this couple too :)
Raphael and Andrea :D
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