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Die Grosse Liebe Ihres Lebens Roman (2008)

Die Grosse Liebe Ihres Lebens Roman (2008)

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About book Die Grosse Liebe Ihres Lebens Roman (2008)

The Love of Her Life by Harriet Evans is a rip roaring good brittish novel. I loved the main character Kate's constant indecisiveness, wishy washy emotions. At some points I just wanted to scream, "Go back to London you ninny! Quit your damn running off to New York, girl...and head back into the open arms of Mac, your true soulmate!" This read filled me with countless emotions, made me laugh out loud, and cry like a little girl who has lost their Mum. Quite an enjoyable book, I'd love to read more from this author. I did cry while reading this book. What happens to the main character is truly awful. So heart breaking. I don't blame her for running away. I didn't give it a 5 star rating, however, because the on again off again relationship with Mac got annoying. It was fine to a point, as the building tension between Kate and Mac was interesting, and created anticipation. But she kept on running away from him, he'd swear her off, and then seek her out again. The ending was confusing as well. It felt rushed to me, and didn't really explain whether Kate moved back to England at all, of if she was just visiting. I'm guessing she did move back to England to be with Mac, but I don't know... it was just so unclear. Anyway, wish that Harriet Evans would have finished it differently.

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I'm not much of a chick lit reader but I actually found myself liking this book. :O

An interesting story. Seemed a bit longer than it needed to be.

Sweet book, very easy to read with some sad twists in the story.

Fits nicely into its genre. Readable but a tad predictable.

Good solid Brit-lit book. I enjoyed it. : )

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