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Digitalis (2011)

Digitalis (2011)

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I’ve become a fan of romantic suspense. What can I say? There’s something about the danger and a man of honor willing to lay it all on the line for his team, his country and the people he loves. This series looks at a group of men assembled for black-ops. Undercover international operatives that are not acknowledged by the government but go in and do the dirty work no one else wants to. The name of this team is Nightshade (also title of the first book) and is made up of men with dark pasts who have been spat out by the military and struggling with issues related to what they did (like PTSD) struggle to fit into the real world again. Nightshade gives them a purpose and a community to rehabilitate in as it were.Colton “Cowboy” Neeley has a four year old daughter and is falling in love with a woman working at a department store. “Cowboy” loves wearing the hat and boots and talks with a Southern drawl. In book one he is the man who has the common sense on the team and is a close friend to Max.Unfortunately, Piper Blum, the woman he falls in love with, has her own secrets, secrets that put Colton’s family into a life-threatening situation as well as his team. The struggle for faith in the face of grief and deception all around is a riveting read as Colton faces his flashbacks and finds love along the way.These are fast moving, adrenaline pumping books and hard to put down. One caution – do not read them too close to bedtime, if you do, give up sleep and just finish the novel. You’ll rest better for having gotten to the end! It’s sad that this is the end of the series because I am sure I could have read far more books about this team. Colton is my favorite Discarded Hero. He has God the forfront of his life yet it shows that he doubts and God still comes through. I love how he is great with his family and friends yet is dealing with the hurt from the military. I love Piper/Lily and how strong she is in God and her love for Colton. It was super fast how they lell in love and started being so straight forward with each other but I guess we did not have much time to get to know each other and still have the conflicts of secrets the story needed.

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Nightshade series. Colton (Cowboy) and Piper (Lily) plan to set off nuclear bomb in Israel

Great Book... Thriller, Romance.... Will keep you on the edge of your seat!!!

couldn't get into the first chapter of this book

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