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Drei Sind Zwei Zuviel (2012)

Drei sind zwei zuviel (2012)
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Drei Sind Zwei Zuviel (2012)
Drei Sind Zwei Zuviel (2012)

About book: Initially, I didn't think I would finish this book. I had not read the first book in the series, so I read reviews about the first book on Goodreads before I understood that the premise of the book is that Cadence has Multiple Personality Disorder, and the book fluctuates between her 3 different personalities (or "sisters" as she calls them). I gave myself until page 50, and if the book didn't get any better, I was going to put it down. Fortunately, it did get better, and I actually enjoyed the story once I got into it. I did have to overlook some things that made me roll my eyes, but if you look past those things, it is an entertaining read. Afterthought: I noticed on the summary of the book that this story takes place during Christmas, and Cadence is juggling Christmas shopping for her boyfriend and Secret Santa. However, in the book, none of that is ever brought up. Not that I wanted to read about her Christmas shopping or anything, it is just very random to mention it, but the actual story has none of that in it. Cadence has a multiple personality disorder and it has made her very attractive to the special unit of the FBI, Bureau of False Flag Ops division. Not only is Cadence in her body, but so is Adrienne and Shiro. They think of one another as sisters and they get along fairly well.Cadence has a new partner, George, who has his own issues. However, it’s only George in his body.They get along fairly well, but then, Cadence is a pretty easygoing woman who tolerates a lot of things and just takes things in stride.Her boyfriend, Patrick, gets along with all of the sisters, but loves Cadence. However,when Shiro catches the eye of a doctor, things get a bit awkward.Adrienne is what I would describe as the baby.She does what she wants with little thought for the consequences.Shiro, on the other hand, is the tough one.She has a knack for getting her target and will do anything to protect her sisters.Add into the eclectic mix a serial killer who’sbeen killing young, teenage boys at the same time each year.Cadence and George must try and figure out who it is and apprehend him before he kills anyone else.With Shiro and Adrienne trying to help, the twists, turns and humor will keep you entertained.With suspense, humor and best-selling MaryJane Davidson’s phenomenal and original writing, YOURS, MINE, OURS is a wonderful addition to any library!
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Super fast read, took me less than five hours.
fast moving but weird
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