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Ender's Shadow: Command School (2010)

Ender's Shadow: Command School (2010)

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0785135987 (ISBN13: 9780785135982)

About book Ender's Shadow: Command School (2010)

I read this because we started watching Ender's Game while at Kelly & Matt's. We didn't finish the movie but I liked what I saw. While perusing some audio books at the library for my car trip to SC I found this and thought it might be good. I started the trip with a romance, couldn't stand it, and then started the audio for this one and it was great. They had a cast of voices and each person who read the book was fantastic. It really passed the time quickly as I drove. Once I got home I continued reading on my e-book (which Mary had just given me, coincidentally, with a bunch of other e-books). I liked this book, and actually think I liked it better as audio than to read. another great installment in this series - i really can't wait to get my hands on the next one. i do wonder if the writers/artists will be able to pull it off since what is to come isn't as exciting as what happened in battle and command school.since i read this right after reading 'ender's game: command school', i noticed immediately that the artwork was grittier, which translates well with the gist of the story. bean's story has a rawness to it because of his background; he is brilliant, but he has much to prove because he is so small and it takes a while for people to truly respect him. ender's game is more about action and loneliness while bean's story has a horror to it, especially when it comes to achilles and his days in rotterdam. i also have an added level of respect for bean because he doesn't spill the beans (no pun intended) about the game/war being real to the other commanders - he's only delaying the inevitable, but at least while they're battling, they don't have it on their consciences like he does.i didn't remember a lot that happened with sister carlotta and figuring out that he was nikolai's brother, but i loved reading it in this format. when the book comes to a close i really do want a happy ending for bean and the delphiki family, even though i know there's more drama that will ensue.

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A superb addition to the Ender series.

Enjoyed as much as enders game

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