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Evermore - Das Dunkle Feuer (2010)

Evermore - Das dunkle Feuer (2010)

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About book Evermore - Das Dunkle Feuer (2010)

I cannot say I disliked the book, but there certainly were some annoying things about it.Such as: Haven's momental acceptation and belief of what she was, the way that she just forgot what a great friend Ever was before she became immortal. And one more thing, the thing I can't stress enough. Ever is so, so annoying. She seems so stupid and weak, just like she doesn't have her own will. Like she is a marrionette.Now I am devastated for Roman's death. And I going to go spill my soul through tears! The fourth book in the immortals series. In this novel, since Ever and her boyfriend, Damien, have been cursed, Ever tries really hard to get the antidote to release them of it. Only everything she tries seems to backfire on her, even when things look like they’re going to get better. This novel’s plotline was a lot better than the first three books in the series. It wasn’t as cheesy, and predictable, it was actually well thought out, and the reader didn’t see the ending coming, it was very surprising. If you make it to the fourth book, then you’re in for a treat because it’s well worth the wait to get to!

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you will fall in love with these addicting books and characters you cant help but love and root fo

omg she's soooooooo stupid -_- i like the concept of all the energy stuff and what not but jeez

More of the same really but must finish now I've started.


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