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Executive Seduction (2013)

Executive Seduction (2013)
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Executive Seduction (2013)
Executive Seduction (2013)

About book: I am a huge Jennifer Probst fan. I pretty much love everything she writes and I really enjoyed this story, which it turns out was her first ever published work. The only reason I am not giving this book a full 5 star rating is because there were a few scenes in the book that just irked the crap out of me....on the side of both main characters. My feelings on these scenes were that both characters were acting like teenagers and not the 20 somethings that they are supposed to be. But overall - I loved the chemistry and connection between the two main characters.Logan is a super hot, sexy, alpha rich business man and Chandler was the sweet but sassy yoga instructor. I liked how the story played out.The sex was mind blowing....YUM. Executive Seduction was a new book to me by Jennifer Probst. After reading the book and doing some research I found this book was previously published under another title, Heat of Steel.I like Jennifer Probst’s books because of her characters. They are sometimes quirky but fun quirky – not weird. They males are so alpha-like that they add new a new meaning to rigid. (Yes, pun intended.) I like how both characters end up saving each other (Pretty Woman – sigh – only with hotter men.)I think her writing is so good and her some of her scenes are so hot the pages scorch my fingers. From the first book of hers I read, I have been hooked. This book wasn’t a favorite, but was still quite good. Chandler was a strong character and held her ground with Logan, but not as much as I would have liked. Jennifer Probst writes fabulous books! Remember to get out the oven mitts.
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Writing not bad but hero a bit bossy for my liking.
3.75. Reminded me of HQs from the 90's.
Another favorite from Jennifer Probst!
Same book as Heart of Steel
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