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Falling Away (2000)

Falling Away (2000)

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Omg, Omg,Omg... Penelope Douglas! I freaking love your books... and Jax?! seriously? I thought Jared was HOT!... but Jax is just so.... Le SigghhhhI never write reviews cos i suck at it and i feellike im not doing any justice to all the hard work that the author put into...All said and done... for those of u who are hesitant to try her books.... JUsT DO IT! You will not regret it....The book has a perfect mixture of nail biting sex, emotional angst, ups and downs... At certain scenes, I could literally feel my heart ache for the two of them... seriously Penelope.. Bravo... although it was mean of u to provide the preview of your next book for Jared.. I mean... come on?!! i have to wait till april?? Im dying here.... Jax and K.C. Have been on radar for awhile and I was DYING to get their story!!! Their story was HAWT and I mean, I will never look at a manual car the same again, kind of hot!! Jax was off the charts sexy and demanding! For a young guy, he knew who he wanted and got tired of standing out K.C., he is coming for you! Both K.C. and Jax have had a rough childhood that only each other can understand. K.C.'s spunk and fight is just what Jax needs to realize that he is worth it! I didn't want this book to end and I'm still sad it did!

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Love it. I love the whole series so much. And Jax, my beautiful, broken boy. I love him too.

If I could give infinity stars, this book gets them!

can't wait for the next book


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