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Falling Kingdoms (2012)

Falling Kingdoms (2012)

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About book Falling Kingdoms (2012)

WOWOWOWOWOWOWWOOWWOOW WHERE TO STARTso... I'm like a secret bookworm and I was hiding in the library hunting for booksand I just so happened to come across this phenomenon... if that's how you even spell iti freaking love/hated ithonestly, i know this is horrible of me but I just skipped to the parts where I thought was excitingcoughcough, MAGNUS!!! god, am i the only one that wants him to bang with Cleo? Yes? oh... oksome parts were way to slow and some parts were way too fastthe author (I love you but...) drags out some scenes that need to go quickershe made the wrong parts go really *spoiler ahead*when Theon realized that Cleo was gone and POOF he's all like, "I'm falling in love with her." hah. sorry buddy, but love doesn't happen that quickand Cleo is all like OMG YES I LOVE YOU TOO right after he tells herI also feel like it kind of copied game of thrones.......idk maybe it's just me..?but I can't wait to get the third book AND WHY IS THE FOURTH BOOK STILL UNTITLED MORGAN RHODES PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ START WRITING ASAP UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO DIE OF A HEART ATTACK Rating: 4.5 starsWow! I wasn't expecting to love this as much as I did but I was hooked from the very beginning. It was very well-paced and engaging - I had to force myself to stop reading at 3am because it was just SO GOOD.The magic side of the plot was so interesting and was explained really well. It was threaded throughout the book and not info-dumped, and came together really well at that late revelation at the end.Most of the characters were so fascinating and I can't wait to see how they grow over the course of the series. One romance left me a bit uneasy but other than that, there were a few hints dropped as to where future romance plots may lead that left me excited. And I do love me some enemies-to-lovers romances so my fingers are crossed for one in particular.I'm so happy that this series is 6 books long and I need the sequels ASAP! This has definitely become one of my new favourite fantasy series.

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In love with this book and can't wait to start Rebel Spring! Ahhh so excited for this series!!

me encantó la forma en la que me hizo amar y odiar a la vez a muchos personajes!!!!

Una historia impresionante, no espero a saber que sucederá con Cleo

I absolutely loved this book. A beautiful fantasy series.

4.5 starsLovely start to a series.

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