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Series: Psy-Changeling

by Author Nalini Singh


Fesseln der Erinnerung (2011)

I have to admit, this series leaves me somewhat confused. Some books are amazing - I absolutely loved Caressed by Ice and Heart of Obsidian (I seriously wanted to re-read them almost as soon as I finished them). Sadly, this book, like many of the others in the series I've read, doesn't have the...

Fesseln der Erinnerung (2011) by Nalini Singh

Ardiente recuerdo (2014)

Wow wow wow! Yes—three wows! It's that amazing. This book proved to be more than about rebellion and finding love amidst the chaos. It's about fighting hard and holding on to the tiniest hope of finding light in the darkness even if the odds are unlikely to your favor. I really didn't think I'd l...

Ardiente recuerdo (2014) by Nalini Singh

Ruf der Vergangenheit (2011)

Another one in the series, picked up because I was sick last weekend and couldn't concentrate. This one is different from the others:the heroine is a Psy who has been tortured and rendered amnesic, and she is a trojan horse dropped off with a programme to kill within a certain time frame. The man...

Ruf der Vergangenheit (2011) by Nalini Singh

Wilde Glut (2012)

Although I enjoyed all the overarching story part of this book, I did not enjoy the romance at all. I don't understand all the comments saying Drew is so romantic/wonderful and Indigo is so frigid and bitchy. I found his "courtship" of her incredibly distasteful given that he had zero respect for...

Wilde Glut (2012) by Nalini Singh

Bonds of Justice (2010)

Me ha encantado. Cada vez que empiezo un libro de Nalini Singh me da miedo que no esté a la altura de los anteriores, no ha sido el caso. Como siempre, me ha sumergido en el mundo de los Psi y de los Cambiantes a pesar de que en este caso el protagonista masculino sea un humano. (Y que humano!)Po...

Bonds of Justice (2010) by Nalini Singh

Marcada a fuego (2013)

MERCY!!!! AND!!!! RILEY!!!!That's all. What can I say HOT HOT HOT. Riley is dangerous to all women! Mercy is a lucky girl.

Marcada a fuego (2013) by Nalini Singh

Sengende Nähe (2010)

Mercy and Riley as a couple just one word HOT. Mercy a sentinel from the Darkriver leopard changeling pack is strong independent and a fiery redhead while Riley is second in command to the SnowDancer wolf pack he is sexy, calm and always in control guy who wants a submissive as a mate. Mercy is t...

Sengende Nähe (2010) by Nalini Singh

Gefangener der Sinne (2010)

The fifth book in this series focuses on Dorian, a latent DarkRiver leopard and Ashaya, a brilliant M-Psy who has chosen to leave the control of the Council and expose their nefarious plans, so she can save her son Keenan. But it’s never that simple.Dorian’s angst for falling for a Psy, the same ...

Gefangener der Sinne (2010) by Nalini Singh

Presa del placer (2013)

I didn't care for this one as much. The romance couple is a female Psy and a leopard changeling. Her son has been a hostage of one of the Psy council as she works on a project to bring about the Psy to have one hive mind. She was previously introduced when she helped free some of the Shine projec...

Presa del placer (2013) by Nalini Singh

Blaze of Memory (2009)

The romance couple in this one is a Psy that has had her memory erased and been given compulsions to kill the human that she has been dumped off at his door. Dev is the leader of Shine, a group that tracks down descendants of Psy that refused the Silence and hid themselves so well that not even t...

Blaze of Memory (2009) by Nalini Singh

Shield of Winter (2014)

This book was very good and seemed to be pushing further into a new arch in the series. I really liked seeing the Psy evolve and realize their past mistakes. It was also really nice to see all these previously separated races come together for the greater good. And I always love it when we cat...

Shield of Winter (2014) by Nalini Singh

Play of Passion (2010)

Indigo and Drew... Probably the heroine I can most identify with. A delicious love story, and, as always when having finished a book in these seriers, my favorite.Still, a few questions arose by now:*) Why oh why aren't there any paternal male changelings??*) Is Kaleb the ghost?And as a side note...

Play of Passion (2010) by Nalini Singh

Tangle of Need (2012)

4.5 starsVery good addition to the series. So many new doors open. I'm rooting for Vasic! 11 books in and still just as fresh and captivated as the 1st book! Review to come...

Tangle of Need (2012) by Nalini Singh

Branded by Fire (2009)

Okay, I liked this a lot. This is about balance, and there's enough of a challenge that it feels earned. I suppose the ending is technically a cop out, but with Lucas and Hawke salivating at the thought of deploying a dream team... yeah, I'll overlook that.By the way, the worldbuilding is still e...

Branded by Fire (2009) by Nalini Singh

Kiss of Snow (2011)

At first Sienna was a hard girl to understand - she liked distance or that is what she lead everyone to believe. For the last 9 books we have seen Hawke and Sienna's sparks fly. Slowly they worked until they were under each other's skin and now all the detail's are laid out.I was buzzing with ex...

Kiss of Snow (2011) by Nalini Singh

Hostage to Pleasure (2008)

el inicio del libro es genial, la escena del rescate me tenia como viendo una escena de Rapidos y furiosos :3 , el libro me gusto, la trama entretenida, solo que a veces ciertos diálogos me dormia parte mas interante es la hermana gemela mala y la vendita mental dark...algo hermoso ...

Hostage to Pleasure (2008) by Nalini Singh

Heart of Obsidian (2013)

W-o-w! Nalini Singh comes out with her best book so far, perhaps ever. This will certainly rank among my top books of all time ^_^. Featuring the most raw and darkly powerful couple of the Psy-Changeling series and a revolution that has been long in the making, this book really hits the heart and...

Heart of Obsidian (2013) by Nalini Singh