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Series: The School For Manners

by Author M.C. Beaton


Perfecting Fiona (1990)

"Every spinster of fifty, however sensible, has the soul of a seventeen-year-old virgin" p 80. "Perhaps sometimes, to our children, we shall seem a most unsuited couple, but marriage is like life -- exhilarating, dreadful, and often unfair .. But we shall know through thick and thin that we love...

Perfecting Fiona (1990) by M.C. Beaton

Enlightening Delilah (1990)

I read this after the first in the series but I didn't seem to miss anything that I didn't already know by skipping the second. Once again the Tribbles must come to the rescue of an exasperated parent. Squire Wraxall's daughter Delilah, still unmarried at the advanced age of three and twenty, has...

Enlightening Delilah (1990) by Marion Chesney

Refining Felicity (1988)

I must admit I fell in love with this book and read it really really fast. It was a very light read, although at first it was a little hard to grow into the scenery of the story, but then I connected with the characters and all fell into place. The book tells the story of two spinster sisters, Ef...

Refining Felicity (1988) by M.C. Beaton