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Series: The Stormlight Archive

by Author Brandon Sanderson


Words of Radiance (2014)

Great continuation of the Stormlight archives. The addition of a bunch of new characters and the progression of existing ones leaves you with a lot to take in, so its ok if you read slower than a chull. The action and the immersion is wonderful and you won't be disappointed by the storyline. Has ...

Words of Radiance (2014) by Brandon Sanderson

The Way of Kings (2010)

Just like in Elantris, Sanderson builds a fantastically intricate universe and brings together an original, unexpected cast of characters in the Stormlight Archive. He has a light touch with scenic detail and can capture a unusual idea down on paper without slowly the plot. Odd elements of the st...

The Way of Kings (2010) by Brandon Sanderson

Kralların Yolu (2014)

Good story with interesting ideas. Main shortcoming is that it takes A LONG time for it to get going - if you can make it past the first 800 pages, the remaining 3 or 400 are rather enjoyable. The writing style is kind of choppy at times and the overuse of italics / emphases is kind of annoying. ...

Kralların Yolu (2014) by Brandon Sanderson