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Series: Wings Of Glory

by Author Sarah Sundin


Blue Skies Tomorrow (2011)

3.5-4 StarsI like this book the best of the "Wings of Glory" series mostly because I liked the couple's interaction, each of their backstories, and their personalities didn't annoy me as much as the others. These books are formulaic - the writer basically tells similar stories with different char...

Blue Skies Tomorrow (2011) by Sarah Sundin

Das strahlen des himmels (2000)

Helen Carlisle and Lt. Raymond Novak have known each other since they were kids, but they never connected much before the war. Now, Helen is the war widow of a hero and Lt. Novak has been engaged to a few, but still never married. This ties with In Perfect Time as my favorite Sarah Sundin nove...

Das strahlen des himmels (2000) by Sarah Sundin

Nas Asas do Amanhã (2013)

KlappentextNach dem Tod ihres Mannes stürzt sich Helen Carlisle in ihre vielen Ehrenämter, um ihre Gefühle zu verbergen. Aber die fein säuberlich errichtete Fassade der trauernden Kriegswitwe aufrecht zu erhalten, kostet Kraft. Es dauert nicht lange, bis sie ihren ersten Knacks bekommt. Lieutenan...

Nas Asas do Amanhã (2013) by Sarah Sundin

A Memory Between Us (Wings of Glory Book #2): A Novel (2010)

the story gets you thinking of how I could be doing the will of God or just what I think God wants. I felt I was on those flights going on their missions n waiting at times for their return as well. I was so glad to see Charlie survived the spin plane fall. Burnsey character could be someone we w...

A Memory Between Us (Wings of Glory Book #2): A Novel (2010) by Sarah Sundin

Nas Asas da Memória (2012)

Age Appropriate For: 15 and up for romance, violence, and thematic elementsBest for Ages: 18 and upI was having a really rough day and didn’t feel like doing anything. I was trying to push through the mountain of work I had to do, but it just wasn’t working. Mom called to me to check my email, so...

Nas Asas da Memória (2012) by Sarah Sundin

A Distant Melody (2010)

My first of Sarah Sundin and an absolutely amazing plot. I like books set back in the days, and the story of the war made it even more real and exciting. From a world of wealth with no thorough knowledge of God and his love, to a world of simplicity and Christ's true love all meshed and obtained ...

A Distant Melody (2010) by Sarah Sundin

Een verre melodie (2011)

I happened across this book while purposefully seeking out authors I had never read. Expecting too little, I suppose, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself intrigued from the beginning. Still the skeptic, I reasoned the narrative would flag and I would probably begin to see weaknesses in dial...

Een verre melodie (2011) by Sarah Sundin

Nas Asas do Amor (2012)

All her life, Allie Miller has been told by her mother that she is plain, and she will do anything to gain her mother's approval, even marrying a man she doesn't love. She begins to change though, and want more for herself, after meeting Lt. Walter Novak at her best friend's wedding, when their l...

Nas Asas do Amor (2012) by Sarah Sundin