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Fury's Kiss (2012)

Fury's Kiss (2012)

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Again I enjoyed this book but like the previous books in the series I found the mix of plots a bit much, it would be better if the plot was a little bit simpler and better defined without having multiple plots bleeding into one another. It was almost worse in this book with the flashbacks, memories from Dorina, forgotten memories and mental communication of other peoples memories I found myself thinking was that real, past, present or what?!?I really liked Dory, she's a much more interesting MC than Cassie and seems a lot more proactive, I can believe that she gets respect from the vampires that surround her (at least some of them) she's earnt it (yes they treat her like she's crazy but she's kind of earnt that as well:) )I liked that everything eventually got tied up It's a good ending to the series (I can't see any new books planned for Dory and it's been 2 years since Fury's Kiss came out). Very weird beginning. There's a very abrupt change between the 'rescue' and her waking up at home. In fact most of this book is weird and hard to follow and not just because it's busy and complicated. There are too many different kinds of creatures mixed together in strange ways at the same time. Ms. Chance needs to save some stuff for other books. This is supe overload. A lot of it feels like a bad alien nightmare, like the battle at the consul's palace. And Dory's fight at the senate headquarters is just gross, though it does have it’d good scenes. Then we have the journey and battle in Dory’s bipolar mind, which is definitely a fantastic voyage. At least I was able to follow it better than the internal dialog that is interspersed throughout the book. But after reading the whole story, I understand better what was happening, though I lost most of the interior story details. All the characters are well portrayed. There’s a lot of comedic moments to lighten up the crazy stuff, though a lot of the comedy is crazy also, i.e.: the vampire shaped-hole scene. I love all the Basarab family interaction. But Marlowe is a complete A-H in this. Usually he’s just annoying, but he loses it here. I don’t know why the senate keeps him, since most of the time he just makes the problems worst. I like the way Louis-Cesare treats Dory better than Mercia does Cassie. L-C realizes she's his equal, his partner and when he makes a mistake, he owns up to it. Mercia treats Cassie like a possession, a precious one perhaps, but not his equal. He's the same with Dory, though he’s getting better with both. L-C is a true gentleman. He has the patience and understanding to care for Dory, without smothering her. The end ties up nicely. Dory finally gets the respect she deserves, but there are several unanswered questions and further storylines for the next book. I can’t wait to see what Dory, and L-C, do next. Fave scenes: the portal boomerang, Dory’s ‘encounter’ at Mercia’s bedside and the consul’s final decision.

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It's more like 3.5 stars for me.

Great book! Lots of action!

One word bad ass lol

Review to come.

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