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Heir To Sevenwaters (2008)

Heir to Sevenwaters (2008)

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About book Heir To Sevenwaters (2008)

This was my first from the Sevenwaters books. And probably the last one - although reading the critical reviews I see that the previous ones are considered better, so maybe i´ll try once more. The story incorporates a fairy tale/legend about changing child for a otherworld creature - and having the human child back always comes with a price. Young Clodagh (known for her domestic goddess skills, which is not a compliment there, by the way)is the one who was guarding her newborn brother and lost it when distracted by dark, broody (and handsome) stranger for a moment. Political situation in Erin is difficult and in the spur of the moment nobody believes her when saying around and around that the "thing" made from forest stuff is in reality alive. So Clodagh takes adventurous path aiming to find the Otherworld herself and trying to change her brother for forest child Becan. And powers above are creating plans and arranging her meeting with aforementioned warrior Cathal and for more difficult quest that they know at the beginning of their journey. The book has a strong start, but loses steam later, when becoming straight-a-juvenile romance (with strong accent to a physical desire factor) - actually, I was able to recognize strong attractivity factor, but none of the love factor, which should be the most important part of the story of great and all-sacrificing love. We are TOLD that the young couple is in selfless love, but what we really get is just their desire to make out - and this goes on for at about 30 % of the book, which gets repetitive. More concentration of the plot and subplots could help. Also the book is somewhat too descriptive, as other reviewers said before me. SPOILER - also the important character is randomly becoming gay in 2 sentences somewhere in the middle. I get the feeling that author is just riding the modern wawe of having gays everywhere, because there is no substantial point in this. I read somewhere that the author said that this particular characted was built as a gay from the beginning, so I was aware of this subpoint when reading and because of that I can safely say that this is entirely untrue and no one could suppose this person being gay. Unless being nice and kind is supposed to be gay characteristics, which I am not buying. And generally the conflict about heritage is really lacking in ringing true. Which is sad, because this should be one of the central undertones of book - why else call it "the HEIR of Sevenwaters"? On the other side the author is gifted with words and generally is able of creating a colourful world, her birds are singing, her forest is breathing, her wawes are moving. This is not a small gift! I think more concentration on the plot and cutting the juvenile stuff could only help (and this comes from and avid YAB reader). I don't know why Sevenwaters trilogy exists since this is clearly the fourth book in a series. It is a good continuation of the story, slow at first. At the end it redeems itself and is more like her other novels. Some might want a warning that a 'gay' relationship exists. The author doesn't go into details, and there are no specifics about the wedding night either. In my opinion it is harmless and young people could read this book. *** spoilers ahead*** Clodagh's twin is married and goes away to live. She cuts off her ability to mind-talk when she is married. Clodagh like a musician, and plays harp together with him. She is drawn to another man, Cathal who it turns out is the son of the Lord of the Fair Folk, or otherworld. He is powerful and he also loves Clodagh. The father of Sevenwaters has a son, after six daughters and he is thrilled. Soon after the son is born the child is taken away by the Lord of the underworld. Clodagh realizes what must be done, and she goes after her brother to save him. Cathal helps her in her journey. They are successful, but in return Cathal must stay-- a son for a son. The King of the underworld wants his son too. Clodagh promises to return. She does and they are able to come back safely. They are married and the wars between countries are stopped. I'm sure that the next book takes up in seven years, when the King of the Underworld comes to claim his grandson to rule in His Kingdom. It should be fun. I like this series, but not as much at the Bridei Chronicles. Good fun reading… I'm happy. :)

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A nicely written addition to the long and twisting tale that this series is starting to become.

Captivating, Compelling & Gripping! A Beautiful Story!

Julie's books are always a favorite to me.

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