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Hilo Sin Fin (2014)

Hilo Sin Fin (2014)

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About book Hilo Sin Fin (2014)

This book is about a little girl named Annabelle who lives in a cold town. She likes to knit and she makes herself one sweater and she makes one for her dog as well because she had some extra yarn. a little boy makes fun of her, but she made a sweater for him and his dog as well. The yarn was really never ending. At school everyone was talking about her sweater and the professor said it was a distraction, so she decided that she would knit one for everyone in her classroom. They did not believe her, but it turned out that she did knit them all a sweater, and guess what? she had more yarn so she knit one sweater for everyone in town including pets, houses and cars. One day an archduke came and wanted to buy her box for lots of money but Annabelle refused to do so, and he sent some men to steal it. when he got home he opened the box and there was nothing inside of it and he was really mad. But at the end Annabelle is just happy. The themes of this novel are kindness, sharing and compassion I would say. It was a nice book, but I have read better ones. I would only recommend it like for a bed night story, but it had great illustrations. This story is about Annabelle who is a young girl that finds a box of yarn on a cold evening. She knitted herself a sweater with the yarn. With the extra yarn, Annabelle made sweaters for several other people. People would give Annabelle a hard time about her sweater, so she made them sweaters too. She eventually knitted sweaters for virtually the entire town and didn't run out of yarn. People try to steal the box of yarn but can't, and Annabelle continues to knit. The theme of the story is that good things happen when you share. One way to use this book in the classroom would be to have the students do activities with yarn after reading the book. Students could use the yarn to measure stuff or even knit something themselves.

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The story was ok. Hipster cute. I love Klassens' illustrations. He's one of my favorites.

So colorful! Reminds me of the "yarn bombing" that has become popular.

Great story - enjoyed the illustrations.

Adorable, and excellently illustrated.

Love it....

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