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Hunt The Moon (2011)

Hunt the Moon (2011)

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0451413075 (ISBN13: 9780451413079)
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About book Hunt The Moon (2011)

¿Qué puedo decir?Lo cierto es que me gusta la trama de esta serie y el mundo en la que se desarrolla, pero cada libro avanza taaan poco. Es una escena de acción tras otra cada vez más inentendible, con una protagonista cada vez más tonta. Es una relación amor/odio con esta serie, porque quiero saber cómo continua, creo que la historia vale la pena, pero cada libro me frustra bastante cuando lo leo. The Pritkin-Cassie dynamic in this one was rather awesome.I've also come to quite like Marco and Mircea is fabulous as always.Augustine makes me want to rip my hair out but he's great and the dress creations are genius indeed.I quite like that some more twists have been added alongside the newest revelations, some of which I had started wondering about but others were quite unexpected.The series definitely isn't disappointing and almost seems to get better with each book.

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I enjoyed this book as much as I have the earlier ones in this series. Great read.

Love the progressing storyline. It is getting even more interesting!

She has done it again!! Another great book by Karen Chance!

Should have been five stars. I HATE cliff-hangers!

Pritkin ❤️

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