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I Am Her... (2012)

I Am Her... (2012)

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0991723104 (ISBN13: 9780991723102)
Sarah Ann Walker

About book I Am Her... (2012)

4,5 stars.I really don't like the ending. It was so sudden, like, "Oops hello I think my time is up, that's okay" and I'm not really okay with that!Review:The writing: Rushed. But Thanks to the storyline, it was okay. (3,5 stars)The character: I loved Suzanne, she was kinda a hero for me. She was a strong girl. She has been through alot, she didn't know what she was or is, what she wants, or what happened to her. She didn't know it, until Zinfandel. Gosh, if you ask me, her life was a hell! Very tragic, I'm broken for her. I'm hurting for her, I'm crying for her! So messed up.But here, I found the treasure. The chemistry between Suzanne and Z, or Suzanne and Mack, or Suzanne and Kaylays, or even Suzanne and Marcus, damn it was good. Simply stunning.And okay so, all I wanted to say is, I loved all the characters. They were very well portrayed (okay, not at all but mostly). I loved it. And Mr. Z. Gee, can I have Zinfandel, please? (4 - 5 stars)The story and plot: One word, "Amazing".Why? Just read it please. It was such a roller coaster ride! Had great storyline, good twists, and amazing characters. Thanks to Mrs. Sarah? I love your book, this book was a gift. Beautiful! But I have one problem here, the ending. It was very sudden. First, I had this Suzanne-Z lovely moment, they are finally together! Making plans, searching happiness, it was heaven y'know, Suzanne was happy! But suddenly boom! Gone. I'm disapointed to be honest.But still, overall, it was amazing. (5 stars) I cannot believe this book is so highly rated - the only reason I can think of is that it must be admired by young adults/teens as the writing seems to be aimed towards that group, yet with very adult themes?The narrative was just SO PAINFUL to read, the main character was so childish and immature, what fully grown woman 'giggles' that often at her 'dorky' mannerisms?!!!!I think the plot could be good if it had more work - there is never any real explanation for why her mother would do such terrible things to her daughter other than 'she was evil'. Really? After 400 pages on continuous 'I can't breathe, I'm being sick all over the floor' thats all I get?I actually began rolling my eyes through her repetitive 'episodes' to the point where I nearly threw the book at the wall!Z was such an unrealistic character, and everything just seemed too 'perfect' to be believable. A man begins working for a company, speaks to a woman on the phone once and then flies to her hometown to check she's okay? Come on now. He is so rich, handsome, the best lover in the world, and wants her to live with him after knowing her 3 days? It's actually insulting as a reader.This is why I feel the book is aimed at teenagers who would giggle along at Z's charm and 'smile-voice' (these are supposed to be 30-something year old ADULTS for crying out loud!) It just seemed so nauseatingly immature, having Mack and Z and all the men around her love her MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THEIR WHOLE LIVES despite knowing her for practically 2 weeks (of which she spent giggling, hyperventilating or vomiting on the floor)The ending was obvious to anyone with an understand of Browning's 'Porphyria's Lover' and the use of the poem at the start/throughout the story, but it just felt like a cheap cop-out to me, and I had grown that much dislike towards Suzannah, I barely managed a flicker of interest or concern at her untimely end...I realise this is more of a list of things I despised about the book rather than a well-written review but I just feel so cheated after reading such good reviews! I advise you to save your time and money and avoid this book!

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Amazing book. You feel every emotion. Can't wait to read the second book...

I liked this book. It has several surprises in it.

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