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In The Forests Of The Night (2011)

In the Forests of the Night (2011)

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0547435606 (ISBN13: 9780547435602)
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About book In The Forests Of The Night (2011)

The feelings I had from the first book spilled into this one while I was reading it. I think I love the idea of Finn but something about the way plot moves him leaves me unsatisfied. But it seems I'm in the minority here, other goodreads members seem to love this series. What am I missing? Usually I am not this picky, if a book takes me on a good ride, I don't pick apart the plot or flaws in the character, I let the story be just that, an adventure I had the privilege to join, Yet for some reason with this series, every page I turn I feel something missing. Oh well, I will keep on to the third and final book, maybe I'll find what's missing there. I read In the Forests of the Night when it was released in 2011, and have waited impatiently for the end of the trilogy. When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears is finally out! So, I am continuing my Goblin Wars marathon by reading book 2 again, which gives me the opportunity to write a review.I feel sorry for adults who find no merit in Young Adult books, because they miss out on authors like Sara Beth Durst, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, C.C. Hunter, Michelle Hodkin, Laini Taylor, Bethany Frenette and Kersten Hamilton.In the Forests of the Night is a great urban fantasy with humor, horror, friendship, bravery, mythical creatures, and Teagan, who wants nothing more than to be herself.

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Excellent second book in the seriesLooking forward to the finale!

Loved some parts, disliked others. Evens out to 3 stars.

I thought is was really good for golbins

A good continuation of "Tyger, Tyger".


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