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King Con (1998)

King Con (1998)

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0380728176 (ISBN13: 9780380728176)
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This was entertaining, though full of silliness too. It's about a con man getting revenge by setting up a situation like in the movie "the Sting". What I liked best was that this writer has some kind of real research source. He has to be talking to a person who travels around ripping people off. It occurred to me several times during the book that tricks like this had been tried on me in NY. Not the big deal, but some of the smaller scams he describes- what a "grifter" would do, scamming 50 bucks or a hundred here and there. Maybe in a bar. I was also reminded of a couple of situations from the construction business when I lived in Colorado. Apparently, that is the place where a lot of these buzzards roost, the construction business I mean. One incident in particular comes to mind. I avoided these things mostly by luck. Sadly, I am not surprised that people plan stuff like this. So lame.

This may not be up to the level of Oceans 11 or The Italian Job, but it's close. The cons in this story are a lot more involved than I expected, and Cannell has done a whole lot of research to make everything as believable as possible. The writing is taut and often brilliant, though not so much so when it comes to the romance angle. A great read: edgy, filled with surprises and cool lingo. I generally expect a lot of cheese from Cannell (he is the creator of the A-Team, after all), but his novels always end up being so much better than any of his TV shows could have ever even dreamed of being.

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"How you gonna play the bubble?""Gonna rope the mooch with a tat, steer him with a mack, probably put him on the country-send to his drop, and play him off against the wall."This was my first Cannell novel and it was much as I expected, having come highly recommended by a good friend of mine. The author cut his teeth as a writer/producer of TV shows in the 70s and 80s and this novel reads kinda of like that. Plot is what it's all about, a little less on characterization etc, and you will need to suspend your disbelief a little bit at the door. But if you like novels about great con jobs then this is the book for you. Especially if you like the action from the con man's point of view.Coincidentally I seem to have read several of these sorts of novels lately and am starting to worry about my motivations. Hide your portfolios and casino earnings before I come to town...
—Benjamin Thomas

Huge story. Grandiose plotline, like most of Cannell's work. A friend turned me onto this one and I really enjoyed it. Being my first encounter with this author, I didn't know what I was getting into, but I'm glad in hindsight that this was the first I had read. It wasn't a Shane Scully novel, and it was probably (at least so far, in my opinion) Cannell's best book. I will probably read it again, and would recommend it to anyone who likes big gigantic storylines with a lot going on.The protag has to do this to make that happen, and get a bunch of people involved in this big hoax to make someone believe something else so that he can achieve something entirely different... That type of thing is going on constantly in this book, which makes it a quick read and a fun book.

Absolutely captivating...Nothing more to say. Although I did wonder wwhy Beano and Dakota were once lovers seeing how they were cousins and all.

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