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Last Snow. Eric Van Lustbader (2013)

Last Snow. Eric Van Lustbader (2013)

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1781850771 (ISBN13: 9781781850770)
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About book Last Snow. Eric Van Lustbader (2013)

It took me a little while to get used to van Lustbader's writing style--I've not read one of his books in quite a while--but after the first couple of chapters I settled in for the ride. And it was quite a ride.There's so much action in this book it can really rock you back on your heels--which is a good thing. One thing though, you have to really pay attention when reading this book. There's wheels turning inside of wheels in the plot and nobody is exactly as they seem.A very good book but one you have to pay attention to else you'll be hopelessly lost by the end. I wasn't too crazy about the first Jack McClure novel, but I thought maybe the series would improve, so I gave #2 a chance. It didn't improve; well, the plot may have been a little more complex than #1, but that didn't solve the overall problems I had.I can't get a feel for these characters, and none of them are particularly likable. Sometimes events that play out don't make sense, or are too coincidental to be believable. Also, the 'shock' at the end was totally out of left field and felt lame. If it was supposed to be a leadup to the next book, it would have worked better as the first part of #3, rather than something attached to the tail end of this one. Overall, I'm just not a fan of this series, and I doubt I'll be picking up the third book.

Do You like book Last Snow. Eric Van Lustbader (2013)?

Not one of the better van Lustbader books. Had to force myself to keep reading until the end.

Worst book I've read by Lustbader, pointless and rambling.

Only a mediocre thriller.

A good conspiracy story

ok read

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