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Lee's Story (2008)

Lee's Story (2008)

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Holden and his wife operate as slave breakers, rescuing and retraining damaged sex slaves. Living with them already are four slaves, a girl belonging to his wife, and three males belong to Holden. Holden loves his slaves, and especially the young Bran who has been with him for just a few years, and Bran loves his master, as do all Holden's slaves; they live in perfect harmony and enjoy one another's services in any combination without jealousy.When a brutal slave owner, Lord Dunaev, offers to sell Holden his damaged slave, the seventeen year old Lee, Holden is horrified at the condition in which he finds Lee - beaten, chained and in a dark basement sitting in his own waste. Having previously rescued Bran from this same owner, Holden is now determined to take action against Lord Dunaev in the hopes of securing legislative protection for all slaves. But is is not all plain sailing, and Holden is forced to examine his own conscience in the process.This is a captivating story, but perhaps the most appealing aspect of it is the love share between Holden and his slaves. They are devoted to him, and he respects them, often allowing them liberties which raise eyebrows, both with other slaves and their owners. Bran is a delightful character, beautiful and full of live and enthusiasm, besotted with his master. Young Lee is especially endearing, small and fragile, scared and scarred, once Holden wins his trust he wants only to please him, and delights to sit in his lap and snuggle close.Scattered throughout the story are explicit descriptions of the sexual encounters between Holden and his slaves, but these are always an essential part of the story, are in no way excessive, and add to the understanding of the bonds betweens these men. I've read all the books in the series Slave Breakers. I think the author did not like slavery. She does not really believe that it may be good for anyone. One could describe Holden, the main character, as a master who has a velvet hand in a velvet glove. I understand that the author has created a situation where the retrainers are literally saving the lives of slaves cruelly mistreated by their former masters. We could not bring a broken slave to life by hitting him, even gently. So her context is well suited to the nature of the dominant -- not so dominant. As for her slaves, although they are 16 or 17 years-old, they behave like lost 11-12 years-old children, always snuggling against everyone and sit on every adult's lap. It is charming but unrealistic. My knowledge of teenagers aged 16-17 has a different story. And even in the context of slavery, since they are first sold at the age of 15 years, they should rebel against the cruelty of their masters. But no, they crash, let themselves be destroyed. The only ex-slave who is said having been resisting is Holden himself, but the author does not describe (or very little) that part of his life.As I was about to read this first book of the series, I imagined a couple receiving of other discouraged masters their rebellious slaves, and the couple finding a way to break theses slaves into the perfect ones that any master would dream. But no,these are the stories of loving dominants with broken slaves.

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I absolutely love this series! It is so filled with love and hope!

Very good ending to an interesting series.

3.5 stars

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