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L'enfant Du Titanic (2012)

L'enfant du Titanic (2012)
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L'enfant Du Titanic (2012)
L'enfant Du Titanic (2012)

About book: this book was lent to me by a friend as she knew i'd just finished cross stitching the titanic so thought the story would interest me. it follows the fictional lives of two woman who survive the disaster and a young baby who is pulled from the water by captain smith and given to one of the women while in a lifeboat. Everyone on the lifeboat assumes it is her daughter saved from the sea that almost claimed her and took the life of her husband. The story follows the young women and the friendship forged on that night, it goes on almost 3 generations before the threads are all brought together and the story brought to conclusion.i really enjoyed this book and devoured it over a few days, i would recommend it. I really enjoyed this book. Yes, it was a bit chick licky but nevertheless a most enjoyable read and I contemplated saying up late at night to read most of it. I completely understand May wanting the anonymity of having anyone know she was a Titantic survivor especially since she was deathly afraid she would lose Ella if someone claimed her but her dying was a bit of an anti climax for me. She left so many unanswered questions for her daughter. The war years was well written and of course the events aboard the Titantic.
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Oh please. Books that contain as many 'coincidences' as this one make me squirm.
Not a bad book, although it was bit predictable.
Great read, her best book yet.
A good read which i enjoyed
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